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  1. 206head

    A Piece of Seattle/Sonic history. RAY ALLEN SIGNED BASKETBALL

    Whats happening PNW community, i have something good for yall. When i was at Goodwill about.....4 months ago i was cruising around and came about this one basketball with seemed unique. It was an sonics imprinted ball, 40th season aniversary to be exact. I was going to pick swoop it real quick...
  2. 206head

    Me doing voice impersonations. what do yall think?

    me just messin around...holla
  3. 206head

    who is the PNW NT king?

    Who would all you PNW NTers would nominate. I would pick myself of course but I look crappy in a crown, but great in robes. There are much to consider such as: popularity, who knows the most NTers outside of NT, who has been using the forum the longest, and so on. I dont really care who can be...
  4. 206head

    PNW NTer finder

    which PNW NTer is the one i dropped off home from SALTYS today. Named bryan. show yourslef. Team Pacific Northwest
  5. 206head

    Post your faviorite movie

    Mine is MY SASSY GIRL and most korean movies. Please dont put pornos as your favorite movie. Team Pacific Northwest
  6. 206head

    anyone have hawaii SB dunks`

    PM me i need a size 10 prefer DS i dont think im goin to get baned since i didnt buy or sell on this forum. Team Pacific Northwest
  7. 206head

    Capitol and GOODS

    What kind of accounts do they have? much appreciated.
  8. 206head

    Adidas NBA Superstar Sonics shoe at GOODS

    These are hot. is anyone else going to pick up these kicks. other teams
  9. 206head


    any PNW NT's have sneakerplay, wanna add me i just got one today=)
  10. 206head

    the best restaurant in china town

    mine would be Hing Loon or Honey Court across the street. what about you guys?
  11. 206head

    capitol sneaker team

    did they already chose the people for it or what or still deciding?
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