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  1. javier5857

    If you like parodies... Vol. Big Sean - ***

      "Girl you fart too much, mudbutt"
  2. javier5857

    quick question: can you use a xbox360 wireless adapter wih your computer?

    why would you do that? buying a wireless adapter for your laptop would be cheaper than buying this anyways http://compnetworking.abo...e-used-on-a-computer.htm but no you cant.
  3. javier5857

    How many Niketalk members have DIED?

    *paging all dead NT'ers to check in*
  4. javier5857

    Another Microsoft F up. The zune..

    Seems like all the 30gb zunes have gone to $+!! at 12am PST So glad i sold mine and got a ipod a couple months ago
  5. javier5857

    Is this a nice sweater ?

  6. javier5857


  7. javier5857

    Ok, tell me im right .08 =/= 8% of your blood

    this ****** is trying to argue that .08=8% of your blood, and that the highest recorded bac which is .914 is 91% of your blood.
  8. javier5857

    I just cant stop procrastinating, Unappreciation.

    I've had a 10 page essay due this thursday for the last week. i just cant bring myself to do it. im sitting at the computer but i cant do it. i've had 4 pages done since the day it was assigned, but i just cant bringmyself to do the rest. its been like this for the past 4 nights. what the hell...
  9. javier5857

    Ebay Unappreciation vol. the f is wrong with you?

    So in the past 3 days i've sold 2 things of high value, one went for 400+ the other for 150+ first, the final value fee is like 10% and then paypal takes another 5% ontop of that they hold ALL of your money for 3 WEEKS!!! what the hell is wrong with them? and it gets worse, there is NO...
  10. javier5857

    Getting a fat check(s) appreciation

    Damn well today i got paid from 2 jobs, one 325$ the other 155$ + 2 75$ mail in rebate checks came in btw im 18, this is what I call a good day
  11. javier5857

    Zune: Post everything here

    yeah i hate that piece of *!@@ zune software.
  12. javier5857

    Favorite Disney Track?!

    I would have to go with Alladin - A Whole New World or Lion king - I Just Cant wait to be king
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