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    Wrestling Thread Jan/Feb | 2/29 RAW - The Undertaker Returns to Respond to The McMahons

      The Royal Rumble is THIS Sunday Night. I honestly thought it was in two weeks. What genius in scheduling thought it was a good idea to put the Royal Rumble head to head with the NFC Championship Game??? We WILL be having two NTWT Royal Rumble Pools, along with the NTWT PPV Prediction...
  2. 4wrestling

    Wrestling Thread Jan 4-17 | 1/11 WCW Legend Going Into WWE HoF; Brock Returns to Raw Tonight

      While last week's Raw was eventful, tonight will officially kick off the Road to WrestleMania. We have a WWE Title Match with Roman Reigns being forced to put his title on the line against Sheamus with Crazy Vince McMahon as the special guest referee. I'm interested to see if Vince comes out...
  3. 4wrestling

    Wrestling Thread Dec 21-Jan 3 | 12/28 Raw from Brooklyn: Cena v Del Rio, Vince McMahon Returns

      I want to wish everyone a very happy holidays. The annual WWE Slammy Awards are tonight on Raw. Below are the categories and some of the nominees: These awards will be announced throughout the day on and will get updated here as they do: Tag Team of the YearHashtag of the...
  4. 4wrestling

    Wrestling Thread 11/9-12/14 | Dec 13 WWE TLC - Sheamus (c) vs Roman Reigns TLC WWE Title Match

    2015 NTWT WWE Survivor Series Prediction Contest Spell your NT board name correctly1000 total possible pointsYou may only enter onceOnce you enter, you cannot update/modify/change your entryContest entries close at 7:30pm et on Sunday, Nov 22Good luck!  ...
  5. 4wrestling

    Wrestling Thread Oct 19 - Nov 8 | Nov 5: Seth Rollins Tears ACL/MCL, Stripped of WWE Title

      Tonight will be the biggest Raw for the rest of 2015. In addition to the Hell in a Cell PPV (special event) taking place this Sunday in LA, Raw has a stacked show tonight. They didn't exactly do the best job promoting it, but Brock Lesnar, The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, and Ric Flair will...
  6. 4wrestling

    Wrestling Thread Oct 5-18 | 10/11 NTWT SummerSlam PPV Prediction Contest Results!

    Well, I'm leaving for a week trip to a Mexican beach island in 4 hours, but I promised myself I would get these posted for you guys. So instead of getting a few hours of sleep, here are the NTWT SummerSlam PPV Prediction Contest Results. Since you probably don't even remember what the...
  7. 4wrestling

    Wrestling Thread Oct 4: If TNA Has a PPV & No One Watches, Did It Really Happen? (Bound 4 Glory)

    2015 NTWT WWE Night of Champions PPV Prediction Contest Spell your NT board name correctly500 total possible pointsYou may only enter onceOnce you enter, you may not update/change your entryEntries close at the time of the preshow match (approximately 7:30 pm et)Good luck...
  8. 4wrestling

    Wrestling Thread Aug 31-Sep 13: 9/7 Raw- Happy Labor Day, Paige vs Sasha

      SummerSlam prediction contest results will be posted this week. Sting will be on Raw tonight to confront Seth Rollins and set up their Night of Champions match.  I hope this isn't too much of a spoiler for everyone even though it's been on, WWE's twitter, WWE's Facebook, and just...
  9. 4wrestling

    FYF Fest - Frank Ocean Out, Kanye Headlining Saturday Night

    Coming out to LA for the first time for the festival. Staying in LA Friday-Tuesday. Anyone else going?
  10. 4wrestling

    SUMMERSLAM WEEK: 8/23 Balor & Bailey Win @ Takeover, BROCK V TAKER TONIGHT. Pred Contest

    2015 NTWT WWE SUMMERSLAM PPV PREDICTION CONTEST SPELL YOUR NT BOARD NAME CORRECTLY1000 total possible points!Entries are due by the start of the first preshow match (approximately 6:30 pm et) - TAKE NOTE BECAUSE THE PPV STARTS AT 7PM ETIf there is not a preshow match, the contest will close at...
  11. 4wrestling

    Wrestling Thread July 27-Aug 16: 8/16 Hiroshi Tanahashi Wins the 2015 NJPW G-1 Climax

      NTWT WWE Battleground PPV Prediction Contest Results Sorry guys, it's late and time is short.  I don't have time for the full question breakdown, but there were 72 entries, 500 possible points, and an average score of 245. Congrats to @hellaones  on the win.   @supeRsiC97  has jumped over...
  12. 4wrestling

    Wrestling Thread July 13-26: 7/24 Hulk Hogan FIRED from WWE for Reported Racist Tirade

    Sorry it's so late.  Started drinking at noon yesterday and things kind of spiraled out of control  2015 NTWT WWE BATTLEGROUND PPV PREDICTION CONTEST SPELL YOUR NT BOARD NAME CORRECTLY500 total possible pointsYou may only enter onceYou cannot change/update/modify your entry once submittedCloses...
  13. 4wrestling

    Wrestling Thread 6/15-7/12: 7/7 Tough Enough: Seth Rollins Guest Stars

    The NTWT WWE Money in the Bank PPV Prediction Contest Results are DONE in less than 24 hours. This was the WORST PPV Prediction Contest scoring possibly ever. 70 entrants187.6 average score out of a possible 500 points53% correctly predicted 1 title change10% correctly predicted MITB as the PPV...
  14. 4wrestling

    Wrestling Thread June 1-14 | 6/14 WWE Money in the Bank PPV Prediction Contest Open!

    2015 NTWT WWE MONEY IN THE BANK PPV PREDICTION CONTEST SPELL YOUR NT BOARD NAME CORRECTLY500 total possible pointsContest closes at the start of the 1st preshow match (approximately 7:30 pm et)You may only enter onceOnce you submit your entry, it may not be changes/updated/modifiedGood luck...
  15. 4wrestling

    Wrestling Thread May 11-31 | 5/29 Elim Chamber Pred Contest AND Extr Rules & Payback Contest Results

    Well, I wasn't going to create an NTWT WWE Elimination Chamber PPV Prediction Contest until I tabulated the results for both Extreme Rules and Payback. And I just finished creating the Elimination Chamber contest.  So........ NTWT WWE EXTREME RULES PPV PREDICTION CONTEST RESULTS:  ..... ...
  16. 4wrestling

    Wrestling Thread May 4-10 | 5/5 NXT E:60 8pm et Tonight on ESPN; Sami Zayn Having MRI

      There really isn't a whole lot going on in WWE right now.  So my only real question is... does King Barrett lose tonight in his first match as King on Raw? I would say yes. The show tonight is in Montreal, but ticket sales have not been good, and pretty much all of the upperdeck is tarped...
  17. 4wrestling

    Wrestling Thread Apr 13-30 | 4/28 King of the Ring Finals Live on WWE Network @ 8pm et: BNB, Truth,

    NTWT WWE Extreme Rules PPV Prediction Contest Sorry to be brief, but I'm at my best friend's wedding.  You know the drill.  500 total possible points. Tonight's Raw is taking place from the O2 Arena in London.  It is being taped a few hours before it...
  18. 4wrestling

    Wrestling Thread Apr 6-12 | 4/6 RAW - WrestleMania Is Over, Now What? Saxton Back for Week 2

      Look at those dreamy eyes. Now that WrestleMania week is officially over, WWE is moving on to what has traditionally been their post-WrestleMania lull, which unfortunately has lasted for just about all 12 months the past few years.  Brock will not be returning until SummerSlam, so what do we...
  19. 4wrestling

    Wrestling Thread Mar 2-22 | 3/21 Perro Aguayo Jr Passes Away In Tragic In-Ring Accident (AAA)

      The big news of the past week was Brock Lesnar walking out of Raw before last week's show after getting in a heated argument with Vince McMahon.  While the exact reason is not known, it was something to do with his next contract negotiation.  It has nothing to do with creative, booking, or...
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