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  1. kingjrmzair23

    NT I need your Advice VOL. Buying my first Car

    I plan on buying a new car pretty soon and I was wondering if you guys can give me some advice and what to expect at the dealership. I plan on purchasing a 2010/2011 Volkswagen GTI. I work on Volkswagen and Audi cars everyday and I can get parts for cheap. So any advice and experiences are welcome.
  2. kingjrmzair23

    NT FAM please join my friend's Facebook group *Funny Vid. featured on truTV and FB link inside Well my co-worker is in a band he needs help to spread the word and try to get as many facebook friends. You don't have to actually like the music but it would be nice to just show your support. Knowing what NT can do I thought I should post...
  3. kingjrmzair23

    What Ya'll Doing Tonight NT? vol. Bat cave in North Tampa

    Thinking about going to this bat cave in North Tampa anyone wanna join.
  4. kingjrmzair23

    Looking for very Comfortable shoes for work

    I work at a auto shop and I'm looking for some very comfortable shoes but durable at the same time.  I have some work boots but their not very comfortable and their heavy. I want a shoe with a lower cut. I been looking to get a pair of these...
  5. kingjrmzair23

    World's Best Dancer, so many GIF possibilities...

    Sorry if this video was already posted. I just seen this today. Dude goes in though.
  6. kingjrmzair23


  7. kingjrmzair23

    Hey NT Ever Mess Up at Work and Almost/Got Fired VOL. YOUTUBE FTL

    Sorry no actual video. Well I work at an car-auction and I made a video back in October of my co-workers messing around with a trampoline we found. Posted it on Youtube in Febuaryand the Assistant General manager seen the video on Friday and thought it was funny. He went ahead and showed it to...
  8. kingjrmzair23

    NT Please Pray For my Dad...

    Well late weds. night he had a mild stroke. Went to the hospital and found out he had one of his arteries partially blocked. So now they are going to move himto san francisco to do surgery on monday. They will perform Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting(CABG) where they get one healthy vein from...
  9. kingjrmzair23

    What shorts are you wearing during Spring/Summer? Vol. Cargo Shorts FTW!

    Well I'm looking to buy some Old Navy cargo shorts. But I'm not sure whether to get 11" or 14" cargo shorts. What shorts are guys going to be rockin?
  10. kingjrmzair23 vol. Inauguration Day now you can make one of yourself.
  11. kingjrmzair23

    Going Shopping With The Parents Appreciated/Unappreciated

    So I went to the mall with my parents, was going to cop a Ralph Lauren sweater for 40 bucks but mom came by and straight up said "NO, its tooexpensive." So I was like whatever.... Then I went to FootlockerFriends and Family Sale with my dad I was looking at a pair of Pennys' my dad came by said...
  12. kingjrmzair23

    Great Mall Update anyone?

    Yeah, i'm about to go this weekend. anything good in the Nike Factory Store?
  13. kingjrmzair23

    Jury Duty Appreciation or Unapprciation

    Well I might have to do it on Tuseday and it will be my first. And I dont know what to expect, can anyone shed some light???
  14. kingjrmzair23

    RC Cars Appreciation Thread

    I want to get something that goes up to 10 mph at least. Anyone know where I can cop one of these? You know one of these.....
  15. kingjrmzair23

    NT Whats your favorite rap verse? VOL. who cares

    If I had to choose one it would be the third verse on Juicy by Biggie. Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis When I was dead broke, man I couldn't picture this 50 inch screen, money green leather sofa Got two rides, a limousine with a chauffeur Phone bill about two G's flat No need to worry, my...
  16. kingjrmzair23

    ---sizing question about the nike air zoom flight 96.---

    if i wear a size 11 in the playoff 8 what size should i get in the nike air zoom flight 96?
  17. kingjrmzair23

    NT What color should I paint my room?

    Well right now my whole room is white and Im not sure on what color to paint it.
  18. kingjrmzair23

    First time paint balling what to expect?

    well its my first time and i dont know what to expect i always wanted to try it out.
  19. kingjrmzair23

    Going to great mall...update please.

    ^thanks, in advance.
  20. kingjrmzair23


    i need a big pic of him wearing the penny 2. please, and thanks in advance .
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