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  1. fretmarks

    Pic(s) Request: Jordan wearing 1-23 Vol: Has this been done before?

    Try 6. Off topic, but, why are there 6 Bulls in the court? Check the guy (wearing some Adidas) behind Ron Harper. Isn't that a technical foul?
  2. fretmarks

    %%#! Freddie Aguilar entry in Wikipedia....

    odd. i still get the vandalized entry when i checked this morning. anyway, here it is. the complete Discography says the following: INGITERO ka Freddie Aguilar. Marunong kang mag advise sa iba, sarili mo dimo sinusunod mga advise mo. Ikaw at mga anak mo,English kinakanta nyo sa bar mo. Di ka...
  3. fretmarks

    %%#! Freddie Aguilar entry in Wikipedia.... somebody vandalized this. what's the issue? did he do something?
  4. fretmarks

    why don't the xi's have a jumpman on the tongue?

    SMH to all these guys laughing at cincybcats22. Technically he's right. It's either you guysdon't know which part of a shoe is the tongue or you don't have any XI's to see the jumpman right on the tongue. .
  5. fretmarks

    Why no jumpan on the insole of XX3's

    That's not entirely accurate. With the exemption of the XX3's, which is technically the only AJ to have only one jumpman if you considerby pair, the only AJ's to have only one jumpman on each of the left and right shoe are the III's and IV's (excluding the retros). All OG AJ'sfrom V to XX2...
  6. fretmarks


    Reading all these posts is like reading the posts when the first XX3 sketch/pictures came out. And now, look at how everybody love the XX3's. I don'tknow if these AJ 2K9's, can ever surpass the status of the XX3's, I highly doubt it. What I do know is that 90% of the haters here will buy...
  7. fretmarks

    Why no jumpan on the insole of XX3's

    I don't know if this is the real reason or not, but if it is, it's pretty lame. You can barely see the Jumpan on the insole anyway unlessyou deribately look at the inside of the shoe. IMO, it doesn't accomplish the stated purpose.
  8. fretmarks

    Chris Paul's wearing Titaniums against the nuggets for Thanksgiving?!

    Guys who still say that these are UNC's are not reading other people's post, have eyesight problem or are just plain dumb. Can you justall take a look at the number 3 on the left tongue before you make any annoying stupid comments?
  9. fretmarks

    Air Jordan XIV(14) White/Varsity-Red

    If he was agreeing with me, then sorry, my bad. But until, the guy says so, I believe otherwise. The guy posted a completely ambiguous picture,directed either at me or the fake pair. I was directly quoted so I assumed the "laughter" was towards me. He could've chosen to point out thefake pair...
  10. fretmarks

    Air Jordan XIV(14) White/Varsity-Red

    I assume from your reply that you are laughing at my post. I guess you have the same exact FAKE pair. Here is a picture of the OG. Here is a picture of the retro. Notice the composite shank. See the difference? I swear to God, kids these days don't know respect. They think they know...
  11. fretmarks

    Air Jordan XIV(14) White/Varsity-Red

    Is this your actual pair? Because these are fake. The White/Red Retro XIV's didn't come with the 20th anniversary box and the compositeshank is not supposed to be like that.
  12. fretmarks

    Chris Paul's wearing Titaniums against the nuggets for Thanksgiving?!

    Idion? Maybe you're trying to say idiot. Read my post just above yours and you'll understand that you are the idiot and not me.
  13. fretmarks

    Chris Paul's wearing Titaniums against the nuggets for Thanksgiving?!

    I disagree. I think by the looks of them they are Black/Uni Blue colorway. CP3 would not have left those beautiful XX3 PE's he's been wearing had it not have been for the fact the Black/Uni Blues are releasing today. I think it was just a final attempt at advertising one of the shoes that was...
  14. fretmarks

    Chris Paul's wearing Titaniums against the nuggets for Thanksgiving?!

    They are not UNC's. They are his PE's that looks similar to the UNC's.
  15. fretmarks

    Another ridiculously cheesy JB product name.....

    From the Nike Store website: OVERVIEW Get your abstract on in the Jordan Cubism Fo' Shisim Men's T-Shirt. Classic and comfortable, this shirt is wearable art. Cubism screen-print graphicEmbroidered Jumpman logoFabric: 100% cotton jerseyJust because it has cubes it's Cubism? Holy Jebus! I hope...
  16. fretmarks


    fixing link...... darn, safari! can't post links. anyway......anybody seen this? but hey look on the bright side, are those AJ I's she's wearing? i bet they are.
  17. fretmarks

    the 1s coming out in the pack??????

    With that sentence, you should change your nickname "from02hero" to "from02negative".
  18. fretmarks

    jordans last game

    No. On the other hand, do YOU know what you're talking about?
  19. fretmarks


    ^^^^^ nice OLD LOVE there azhul23. I've been trying to find a pair for quite some time now. Can't find a "half pack". I just want the OLD LOVE.
  20. fretmarks

    Six More Black/Red Six Rings Pics....

    only one word comes to my mind every time I see these: ABOMINATION. and technically, the XIII features shouldn't be incorporated to these if they'recalling these Six Rings. i bet you all know why. i know they've also incorporated a tiny feature of the XIV's but the XIII's are featured...
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