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    Can some one please...

    make a 'U JELLY? .gif for me please???
  3. kicksremix2o6

    Who is this chick???

  4. kicksremix2o6

    Girlfriend Appreciation Post!!

    Hey NT, i just want to let all of NT how i love her so much that i have to post a thread about her. she brings sunshine in my day ( well to me. ) and i have to say that she made me a better person for these past 2 years and 5 months. i love you and i hope we last... NO PICS YOU BEASTS! :{...
  5. kicksremix2o6

    Sushi Land Open @ Tukwila by EQPT

    its open now and i think im gonna go get some krab salad tonight hopefully! F/S: DS Easter Dunk QS Size 9.5 e-mail: TEAM SOUTHCENTER CHAMPS SPORTS #2 in the world
  6. kicksremix2o6

    hein aka HeNasty UNAPPRECIATION POST!!

    Post here Champs employees! :x L-R-G Dead Serious Hoodie For Sale 325 Shipped OBO Message Me
  7. kicksremix2o6

    Baby Tree LRG Hoody Question

    8o Get Paid For Looking At ADs Jordan X's NDS Sz 9 msg me
  8. kicksremix2o6

    "Purple Pigeons"

    any info yet in these shoes??? 8o Get Paid For Looking At ADs Jordan X's NDS Sz 9 msg me
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