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  1. digitalo22

    AT&T buys DirecTV for nearly $50 billion

    I had been thinking about whether Directv provides a good overall value. Their product is solid, probably the best video provider on the market, but it is overpriced. I must say that their customer service is second to none and AT&T provides the absolute worst customer service I have ever had...
  2. digitalo22

    OG Sneakerheads vs Noobs

    First off, OG's never considered themselves "sneakerheads." They just did what they did and kept it moving. Personally, I grew up watching MJ play in his prime and wanted a pair of J's s I could do my best impression of him on the playground. Copping retros began with Eastbay magazines in 1999...
  3. digitalo22

    My dog is passing away

    I lost my dog this time last year. Still miss him. Generally, when I dream, its the stupidest, most random ****...but on occasion, I dream that my dog is alive and well, and we're just chillin like it was old times. I love that.
  4. digitalo22

    College NTers, finals are upon us.

    ^ That sucks. I once had a 78 curved up to a B to my surprise.
  5. digitalo22

    So Unemployment Benefits Are Ending Next Week?

    Taken from the CA EDD website: It's been the same situation for the past few years, with extended benefits being reinstated each time. The EDD uses the state's unemployment rate as a gauge to determine whether or not extended benefits are necessary, and how many total extensions (or weeks)...
  6. digitalo22


    Probably because gay rights are a civil rights issue now just like segregation was in the 60's. Paula Dean's comments had similar results tho. Not surprised by the views expressed by either Paula Dean or this DD dude considering they are both white, 60+, and from the south, but how can one be so...
  7. digitalo22

    We are all dogs, b. Vol: iLLest

    Lame video was lame.
  8. digitalo22

    Kid Plays "Knockout" in Michigan And Gets His Dumbass Shot Twice.

    What's his NT username?
  9. digitalo22

    Update 3: Home now! Looking like that time where I leave this earth

    Just the other day I was thinking about how it had been a while since beezy posted. Sad, dude was cool beans. RIP
  10. digitalo22

    Yooo, Kanye on Sway in the Morning. (updated)

    Ol' Canadian tuxedo wearin *** *****[/img]
  11. digitalo22

    BET - Real Husbands of Hollywood

    I thought it was pretty lame. I tried giving it a shot since since JB Smoove promoted it on Kimmel but I was disappoint.
  12. digitalo22

    2012 Official NFL Fantasy Football Thread

    Rice, Pitta & Jones got me a combined 11 points. :{
  13. digitalo22

    2012 Official NFL Fantasy Football Thread

    Looking to trade for Alfred Morris or M.Turner. would A.Boldin or Crabtree be a fair trade for either A Morris or Turner... you guys think M. Bennet holds any trade value?
  14. digitalo22

    Put me on to some quality boxer briefs.

  15. digitalo22

    the thread about nothing...

    lol @ the doakes avy
  16. digitalo22

    SoCal Food/Grub Thread

    General info Vendor list Yeah, it is all you can eat or drink. Vendors will be serving samples of their signature dishes but with ~100 booths and 5000+ people in attendance there will be lines at pretty much...
  17. digitalo22

    WORKAHOLICS - SEASON 3 - 5-29-12

    lol at Adam telling Alice that he's going green and "blading" to work when she finds him behind her car.
  18. digitalo22

    SoCal Food/Grub Thread

    Anyone hear about the LA Street Food Fest at the Rose Bowl this weekend?
  19. digitalo22

    hmmm... yuck fuku niketalk=/=sneakertalk

    What in the world is going on...
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