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    Sword and Scale podcast

    Does anyone listen to this podcast? There are some very interesting subjects and great storytelling. Episodes 5 and 6 are craaaaaaazy! Peep if you have time, episodes 5 and 6 at least.
  2. 1stwitit

    need help burning a DVD

    im trying to burn photos onto a dvd for playback on a home dvd player. all the photos are .jpg files. ive checked around and havent been able to complete this task. also, i am on an imac if that helps. any help will be much apprecited. thanks bros!
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    2009 eggplant foamposite one size 11 $190 shipped! I DO NOT SHIP FIRST pm me if interested price firm
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    Can you remember the last time...

    You went a full day without spending ANY money?I cannot, but im thinking maybe on a day when I was sick And was unable to leave the house. But i can't even remember A day like that. Lol anyone?
  11. 1stwitit

    going to jacksonville, Fl

    going to jacksonville next week, any good spots to hit? anything is appreciated. thank you
  12. 1stwitit

    who wants to play a game? vol. cash prize

    this is a sneaker forum, so lets play a sneaker game. the concept is simple, you will have to match what i post. i'm not rich so the cash prize will be $20 paypal the rules: -i will post three pairs of random sneakers -whoever can match the sneakers first (with tagged pics) wins the prize -i...
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    chicken & waffles vol. not roscoe's

    i always wanted to try roscoe's, but im on the east coast. so i decided to get a waffle maker and make my own chicken and waffles. verdict:
  14. 1stwitit

    need your help nt, starting new brand

    i put an emphasis on the word"new". a partner and i found success in getting the ball rolling with an old venture, but a few real life decisions put that on hold. we started a clothing line in 2005 and worked our way into 3 retail spaces with two seasons of apparel. what i am asking is for your...
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    anyone ever have a near-death experience?

    quick story: when i was in grade school, we went on a field trip to a local high school for a swimming day. for the most part we were all in the shallow end dunking each other and playing water polo, stuff like that.  after a while i noticed some kids were going to the deep end and jumping off...
  16. 1stwitit

    black kid taking another L

    j/p thought it was funny though
  17. 1stwitit

    its hot out, get some tees!

    this is my bigcartel, mods lock this up if its in violation link to tumblr also
  18. 1stwitit

    help trying to find a website vol. amnesia

    for all my nt'ers circa 04-05 maybe older. this was a website that had every nike sneaker ever produced. it was an interactive site, maybe powered by flash. it was sort of grid based. were you could click on a certain sneaker and it had the history of it. any help is appreciated, thanks
  19. 1stwitit

    dj premo tv

    dont know if it was posted before. but dj premier blogtv it is 24 hour streaming video of everything premo heres the link
  20. 1stwitit

    acrylics (free)

    i am relocating soon, and have to get rid of a bunch of stuff. i have alot of acrylics i rarely use. pm me if you would like some
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