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  1. iwishihadmorejs

    ROBPZEE612 collection (updated 6-21-11)

    Siiiick collection dude
  2. iwishihadmorejs

    Online stores that are similar to Karmaloop?

    I'm just trying to find some online places that are like karmaloop, that have a wide selection and pretty cheap too.. I used the search engine andcouldn't find anything so I'm making a new thread.. I'm just trying to get some shirts that would match the shoes I have... Is it me or are likeall...
  3. iwishihadmorejs

    my collection (UPDATED 7/24/09)

    I like your variety of shoes, keep it up!
  4. iwishihadmorejs

    DuBBeeOne1's Sneakers

    nice collection, loving the spizikes
  5. iwishihadmorejs

    Phil Jackson knows what's up!

    haha phil in jordans
  6. iwishihadmorejs

    i just like this pic

    those shoes are sick too.
  7. iwishihadmorejs

    pics of aj 1+

    nice 1s
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