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  1. j paycheck

    Check out this painting

    What's up MD/DC/VA NT? I'm sharing on behalf of my wife, a passionate & talented artist, she recently completed this painting we wanted to share with the NT community. I did just share this in another area of the forum (Art & Yeezy thread) but I know not everyone visit those section and I...
  2. j paycheck

    "Beware" by S. Diaz (Yeezy II Canvas Painting)

    What's up NT? I'm sharing on behalf of my wife, a passionate & talented artist, she recently completed this painting we wanted to share with the NT community. "Beware" by S. Diaz (IG@evrycloud) is a mixed media 36X36 canvas painting. The painting pays tribute to the Nike Air Yeezy II a year...
  3. j paycheck

    Official NFL Season Thread Vol. 11'

    The regional section has been very quiet but are we going to pretend football isn't back and the Skins are back at it... Any predictions on the season or thoughts of current moves? Loading up on WR, peace to McNabb and Haynesworth, etc
  4. j paycheck

    What the...? KD neighbor YouTube

    I'm thinking it's either some clever marketing from Nike or KD has a problem to deal with...
  5. j paycheck


    Heads up... Distant Relatives Tour featuring NAS and Damian Marley @ 930 club 8/30 Tickets on sale now - $39.50 I also recall reading in a thread in regional, some time ago, someone was traveling to see Public Enemy, well they'll be at 930 club on Sat 8/14 Public Enemy $35.00
  6. j paycheck

    Short Comedy on a Friday - "The Exam"

    One of my homies shot this video, I thought it was funny, give you older dudes that might need "The Exam" something to think about.   YouTube - The Exam
  7. j paycheck

    Janky Promoters (movie) - Ice Cube and Mike Epps: Out today???

    Feel free to hand me a late pass but didn't see a post. I've heard of the movie (in interviews and magazines) but I didn't know this movie was actually releasing, today... I will admit, since its Cube and Epps, I was planning to see it but not desperately checking for it. Looking like...
  8. j paycheck

    Pre-sale alert: Fame Kills: Starring Kanye West & Lady Gaga Verizon Center

    Fame Kills tour Club Presale & Bundle (cost additional $45 for the presale) Start: Tue, 09/29/09 10:00 AM EDT End: Thu, 10/01/09 10:00 PM EDT Link
  9. j paycheck

    It's Friday, the weather is nice - Let's Dream a little Vol. 1, 6, 48, 52, 56 and the Powerball is 9

    It's Friday, the weather is nice, and if you are like me you are probably stuck at work (well, actually I plan to make moves by noon but that's anotherstory)... Anyways, on my way in to work I heard the Powerball winner is from DC (SE to be exact) or at least bought his/her ticket there...
  10. j paycheck

    Funny prank video...

    Bord at work, I admit, made a wack thread but it got jacked and "saved" at the same time by a prank videoposted below by AF187 Check it out... BTW, Still stand that -No matter its size or thickness, no piece of paper can be folded in half more than 7 timesby hand. :-) try it!
  11. j paycheck

    Inaugural Information (minus local club events) Update 2 Free Concert on Jan. 18th & Official Poster

    Mod PLEASE delete, if the info is useless or feel it's a bit OD but as I look into all this info for myself, I wanted to share the information as well withNT regarding Inaugural Events (excluding local clubs & nightlife events but focusing more on "official" events): First off all Friday...
  12. j paycheck

    Check out this video I created - Delete thread

    First of all, I feel the need to clarify ahead that I didn't do this for e-fame (for him/me), exposure, to be compared to another young phenomenal youtubeboxing sensation, etc. My nephew began training in April 08, from time to time I record him to keep as memory and so he can see his progress...
  13. j paycheck

    MD NT'er - Question 2? Slots!

    Yes/No? Why? Besides potentially making history on the national level on Nov. 4th, Maryland voters will also be asked if they are for or against gambling in Maryland. Ihaven't seen this topic discussed in the forum, so lets discuss... As the thread starter guess I should start and donate my...
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