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  1. fretmarks

    %%#! Freddie Aguilar entry in Wikipedia.... somebody vandalized this. what's the issue? did he do something?
  2. fretmarks

    FTW!!!! LMAO!!! non NTPhil related

    Ken Lee.......a song from Mariah Carey.
  3. fretmarks

    sorry wrong post.....please delete

  4. fretmarks

    retro 15 in PI?

    will the retro 15 release there in the Philippines? i hate to buy it online. they should have just made these a GR. HOY! Pinoy ako!
  5. fretmarks

    san pa merong fire red iii and aqua viii availabilty?

    my brother is going to visit me dito sa dubai on the 21st. pabilin ko is the fire red iii's. san pa meron? size 7.5 to 8. and aqua viii's, released na ba dyan satin? i saw posts nung mga nakabili na. availble na ba or may mga connections lang sila? :D prices will be greatly appreciated. HOY...
  6. fretmarks

    fire red iii availability dyan sa pinas?

    mga pare, san pa merong fire red iii? and how much? my colleague went on vacation dyan satin and she'll be back before the end of july. i'm planning to ask her to buy one for me. size 7.5 to 8 will do. HOY! Pinoy ako!
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