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  1. dmxfury

    Week 2 Week In Review (WIR)

    Post your observations from Week 2.... -If we can run like that, and the defense can play like they did yesterday, we'll be just fine. -When the injury first happen, there's audio of RG3 saying...."So you've decided to doubt me too, I'll show you...". He was looking down at his ankle when...
  2. dmxfury

    MNF Ravens v Texans

    Texans look awful, thanks for helping out But seriously, has this team ever won a 'tough' game?  I know the Colts game in the beginning of the year (which looks less impressive now), but I just feel like this franchise never wins those 'hard games'.  I could be wrong, and if I am, educate me...
  3. dmxfury

    DMXFURY needs serious job advice. Does this exist? Shoe industry.. Should I even "go for it"?

    Alright, I'm hitting an age in my life where the industry I'm currently in (insurance) is either going to be my career, which would be solid, stable, and ok, or I can look for a few "dream industry" type jobs prior to getting too old, starting a family, etc that could hold me back.  I was...
  4. dmxfury

    Request/Letter to Reebok, rerelease the ORIGINAL Insta Pump FURY...NOW!

    We have seen some of the great pumps released/rumored.  The original, the Twilight Zone, the Court Victory, the Omnizone, the AXT?  Anyway, why the greatest pump (in my opinion of course) of all is not being released is a shock to me.  While the OG pump was shock and awe to the industry (it was...
  5. dmxfury

    DMXFURY'S "Man Land" Be nice......

    Here are some pictures of my top floor, it is a half room then other half is the attic.  Old homes often have these type of rooms up top, and the wife figured to give me it and she can decorate the rest of the house.  Walking up the stairs, the view: Take a look to the right is the main...
  6. dmxfury

    SNF - Bengals @ Jets...

    There is a thread already
  7. dmxfury

    So why is Adrian Wilson not up there with Ed & Troy when talking about the best safeties

    Probably because while he is very good, doesn't quite change the game like those two do..... Probably would be better if you listed reasons why he SHOULD be instead of just saying "please tell me"
  8. dmxfury

    Reebok Pump Fury 2010?!

    Didn't see a post on these, found them while searching (ironically) for some original 93 pump furys. Look quite amazing....courtesty of TSG(
  9. dmxfury

    Cleveland Browns vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (1:00)

    Steelers have won 11 straight vs. Cleveland, Troy is back, no Aaron Smith. Stuck with the Bengals game since COC bought the tickets out. So following on thecomputer, go Steelers
  10. dmxfury

    Mike Tyson vs. James 'Buster' Douglas 2/11/1990, Tokyo Japan

    Wacthing this on ESPN Classic, one of my all time favorite fights. This fight alone (without the evidence of Lewis, Holyfield, etc fighting Mike) proves to methat Mike does not belong in the elite group of heavyweight champs. Completely out-boxed, and love the announcing which has Buster as...
  11. dmxfury

    Official Baltimore Ravens vs. Pittsburgh Steelers, AFC Championship, Sunday 6:30, ROUND 3

    GAME 1 (9/29): It was over when ... Steelers kicker Jeff Reed barely squeaked his 46-yard field goal inside the left uprightin overtime to give Pittsburgh a 23-20 victory over rival Baltimore. Game ball A year after having perhaps the best game of his career in a Monday night win over the...
  12. dmxfury

    I am taking the plunge into the new gaming systems, I need (PS3) help though....

    Well, it is time for me to finally get a new system. I know a few people that have 360's, but I want to get a blu-ray, I have always liked my playstationsin the past, so I figured I would get a PS3. The problem is, I am reading up on the "new" 80GB that is sold, and it doesn't look nearly...
  13. dmxfury

    I may have had the best sports night of my life..yours?

    Obviously one big event like the Steelers winning Super Bowl XL was bigger overall, but I have never had 4 of my favorite teams win great games in one night. The Steelers won and took control of the AFC North, the Panthers beat Duke in a great college game, the Penguins overcame the Bruins in a...
  14. dmxfury

    Steelers at Jets

    Wow, I haven't seen the Steelers start this slow in a LONG time. Terrible. If the line doesn't pick it up, then consider this an upset in the making. Depressed
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