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  1. suprafly36

    Song Stuck In My Head

    I haven't posted on NT in a minute but I figured this would be the best place to post. I can't think of the name of this song but I believe its a Nipsey track. At the end of the track you got a guy talking about how ****ed the music industry is compared to the movie industry. It's something...
  2. suprafly36

    Top Gear Is Back

    For all you petrol-heads out there season 15 started today 
  3. suprafly36

    Whats Your Ringtone

    Mine is currently Gin & Juice but I think ima switch it up to Juice by Drake
  4. suprafly36

    Jimmy Kimmel On Stevie Wonder

  5. suprafly36

    Eminem & Dilla

    Is there a good reason why these two didnt work with each other
  6. suprafly36

    Gucci Mane Concert May 16th Dolton, IL

    Just grabbed my tickets . Who going??????????????
  7. suprafly36

    Pistons vs Celtics Game 5 ESPN 8:30 pm ET

    If we come out with energy there is no reason why we cant win this game. Pisons by 4
  8. suprafly36

    Pistons vs Celtics Game 4 8:30 pm ET

    If we played like we did in Game 3 we shouldnt be in playoffs. Being out hustled and poor shooting while being at home is no excuse. Sheed has yet to stephis game up. If we come out aggresive its our game.
  9. suprafly36

    Detroit Pistons vs Dallas Mavericks 2:30pm ET ABC

    You already know whats up. One of the best starting 5 with that bench im picking DETROIT.
  10. suprafly36

    Chicago AutoShow

    Has anyone went yet or plan on going ?
  11. suprafly36

    Dinosaur Jr.

    Can someone tell me what spots will be having these .
  12. suprafly36

    NikeTown Chicago

    What are the holiday hours .
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