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  1. goldenchild9

    Questions, Comments & Concerns about the new NT platform

    Not sure if there's already a thread like this but I didn't see one. Apologize in advance if there is one. Otherwise, post your questions, comments, suggestions and concerns about the new platform in here so that we can all learn a thing or two and have a better NT experience. - Is there a way...
  2. goldenchild9

    How do resellers do this?

    I'm curious... You can want a pair of kicks real bad, have the bread, prep yourself for a couple days, break night, click the link at 8AM on the dot and still miss out on a release...then you got cats planking on dozens of pairs that they later sell for 3X retail. Aware me NT, how does this...
  3. goldenchild9

    Great Mike Tyson Interview

    A lot of gems about life in general in here. 1 of the best non documentary interviews I've seen with Mike.
  4. goldenchild9

    Policy Officers are your friends.

    They are here to protect you. True American heroes. CNN Video of Atlantic City's Finest - Click Here Paging Double Js and the crew....
  5. goldenchild9


    #1 woman.
  6. goldenchild9

    This Old Lady is Focused (100 Years Old)....

    Who's Granny is this? :lol :rollin
  7. goldenchild9


    :x :{
  8. goldenchild9

    Action Bronson vs Schoolboy Q Vine Roast

    ScHoolboy Q ‏@ScHoolBoyQ 15h Look y'all I'm @actionbronson CHUNK ‏@ActionBronson 15h Q!!!!! ScHoolboy Q ScHoolboy Q ‏@ScHoolBoyQ 14h I tHink @actionbronson sleepy CHUNK ‏@ActionBronson 14h Schoolboy Pep talk ScHoolboy Q ‏@ScHoolBoyQ 13h I'm sorry @actionbronson ScHoolboy Q...
  9. goldenchild9

    Loaded Lux, Method Man & Redman - RITE {Joint goes}

    :smokin :smokin :smokin One of the best songs I heard from a "battle rapper". If NY radio wasn't full of d_eaters, this would be in rotation.
  10. goldenchild9

    Movie looks cray: THE PURGE starring Ethan Hawke

    :eek :smokin :smokin
  11. goldenchild9

    13 Year Old Boxing & MMA Prodigy

    Sheesh... Natural ability + supreme dedication x years of practice/experience = a phenom
  12. goldenchild9

    Best used luxury/sports car for around $25 - 30k?

    Suggestions? Don't want to hear anything about get a new Camry or Altima. Life is too short for that and I have money for a 3rd party warranty and maintenance. Looking for something sexy and fun to drive.
  13. goldenchild9

    Face tats are played out.

    The new wave... Eye tats.
  14. goldenchild9

    S.D.E. >>>> Any Jay album not named Reasonable Doubt or The Black Album

    I know a lot of cats really started messing with Cam when he got on his computers puting, pink mink flow but as an Uptown 90's _, this is the apex of Cam's career and late 90's NYC Hip-Hop as a whole to me. The rhyme schemes, production, track concepts, energy and even the artwork and promotion...
  15. goldenchild9

    How you like dem AAPL's?

    Did Apple's reign die with Steve Jobs?
  16. goldenchild9

    If Prince/Michael Jackson were making music in 2013, it would sound like this...

    One of the most slept on "mainstream" modern musicians.
  17. goldenchild9

    Trading places: Send one current artist to the essence, bring back a fallen great....

    "God" comes to you and says: "There's too many trash musicians out right now.....I'm bout to take a current artist with me to the other side and resurrect a dead legend, so that they can make more music....but i'll let you decide which ones..." Who's getting their curtain call and who gets...
  18. goldenchild9

    Why MJ, WHY?! (His Airness appreciation on the low)

    You couldn't write a better ending to a fictional Hollywood blockbuster... :eek :o
  19. goldenchild9

    Ferrari > *

    2013 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta
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