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  1. mars92

    just curious...... do i know if a girl likes me? i like this girl in my world history class but i dont know how she feels about me? we talk and everything but i still dont know. NT yall been around the block so....
  2. mars92


    me and my buddy got into an argument, because he said that spizíkes were classified as numbered jordan. But i disagree i think there teams jordans. so what are they claasified as? smh @ my buddy thinking he had the vi's, xx's, etc.
  3. mars92

    My newbie collection

    I just started collecting August of last year. So i missed out on alot of heat. I passed on some shoes this year because all that crap JB throwing out there. I'm only 15 years old! What you think?? I realized that if I was going to achieve anything in life I had to be agressive. I know fear...
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