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  1. donkey k0ng

    Nike Futuresole 2010 Competition ( Open to 14-25 year olds)

    This contest is a great experience for all those who enter. Definitely recommend it! Should be interesting.
  2. donkey k0ng

    ~~NIKE Future Sole 2009 Official Post~~ TOP FINALISTS ANNOUNCED 8/5

    The top 2 finalists for each division selected from public voting: Top 6 Finalist that were selected for each division. NIKE: Austin Brian Ethan Matt Sky Ezechi JORDAN: Austin Ben Dan Ethan Matt Nick I encourage...
  3. donkey k0ng

    How decent is the NikeID "Wide" feature now on sneakers?

    I've noticed the Sharkleys now have a wide feature, and that means sneakers in the future will be able to have a larger width. Is it noticeable? I'm hoping in the future Turbines and Ultraflights hit it so I can finally wear em
  4. donkey k0ng

    Actual dimensions of a CD Disc? Templates?

    I need to a design to go on top of a disc. All the templates I found online seem to be much larger (1400 pixels) Does anyone know where I can get a download where I can edit the template of a CD? Where I could print it out and it could easily fit on top of a CD? thx
  5. donkey k0ng

    Anyone else having log in issues with Nike Future Sole 09'?

    I received the email on May 1st telling me my consent for was received, and that I can now log into the website. However, I still received the message "Parent Consent form not yet received" I called in to Nike and they said they still needed to update the data base. It's been a week and was...
  6. donkey k0ng

    Need a watch...Suggestions?

    I've been looking for a new watch recently, and I've been considering the black rotolog, or the Issey Miyake Twelve watch... I love the clean look of of the Issey, but it's a little out of my price range ($400) I'm only looking to spend around 200... Any suggestions? Thanks
  7. donkey k0ng

    AT&T Charging me after finding out I have an Unlocked IPHONE!?

    Well... They "just" found I have I am using the Iphone unlocked, and now want to charge me 40$ each month for the next 3 months for a 2g network bill, andthen I can pay cancellations fees if I want. Can they do this? They are only supposed to charge me 20$ for the data plan, but they are...
  8. donkey k0ng

    Are Skullcandy Headphones overrated?

    I'm about to buy some skullcrushers, but I hear from some people they aren't worth the price (70$)... Anyone own these? or any other headphones from SC?
  9. donkey k0ng

    Music copyright laws? How to get permission for school project!

    I was told that new copyright laws state only 60 seconds can be used of a song, if you aren't given permission, even if it is for a school project. Does anyone know where I can find the laws that state this? and other copyright laws on borrowing music? Also...does anyone know how I can attain...
  10. donkey k0ng

    Flightposites for outdoor balling?

    I was wondering if these hold up outdoors. My foamposites and Lebron IV are tanks, but I question these. They seems like they will tear easily if played outdoors. Thanks. BTW, these are the black retros.
  11. donkey k0ng

    Anyone catch Nip/Tuck Finale?

    Although it seemed everything was tied together too quickly.
  12. donkey k0ng

    I need sneaker sketches of ACTUAL sneakers! From the actual designer...

    Please post all sketches from designers like Avar, Tinker, etc. of their sketches of the sneakers that eventually released. ex. Jordan XI. I really need these!
  13. donkey k0ng

    Does anyone know if they make colored contacts that aren't actual glasses?

    I wanted to test something out, if wearing a white colored contact while playing basketball would make it harder to defend you since they cannot read youreyes. I think it would be a fun thing to try out. Unfortunately I do not wear contacts or glasses. Anyone know where I can just get some white...
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