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  1. eyyowassup

    Price Check: Supreme X Kaws Kate Moss Tee

    Hey all, Sorry I'm not sure where to post this anymore, havn't been on NT in a long while but I was wondering if you guys could help me out. I just need a price check on the Kate Moss Supreme X Kaws shirt from a while ago. It would be in deadstock condition size Large. Thanks
  2. eyyowassup


    YO everyone! just wondering where all your hs seniors are going to be headed next year for college or whatever you are going to pursue, maybe some of us willend up in the same area and we can set up somethin personally i think ill be headed to CSULB, dorming there first year... what about you?
  3. eyyowassup

    Elk Grove/Sacramento Area help me out please!!

    i got frauded from a guy on ISS from Elk Grove, CA... i live in san diego so the police cant really help me out and small claims court said it would take areally long time to get anything done(i'm going to do this anyways tho) but if anyone has any information itd be greatly appreciated his iss...
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