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  1. azn rocking vii

    Kent Appreciation Post

    tru thaat dakid!! Team Pacific Northwest
  2. azn rocking vii

    pacific northwest NT'ers myspace Team Pacific Northwest
  3. azn rocking vii

    Mods, our PNW forum is small, can you consider...

    ya it b alot easier for pick up's Team Pacific Northwest
  4. azn rocking vii

    What Highschool you from?

    Oak Harbor High School c/o 09' Team Pacific Northwest
  5. azn rocking vii


    check up one more for "Team PAC'NW" Team Pacific Northwest
  6. azn rocking vii


    count me in..if its alright?
  7. azn rocking vii

    Grapes Release In Seattle?

    haha...with only 45 pairs at niketown and the other only place was tacoma mall that got em...uh ya it wasnt easy....
  8. azn rocking vii

    Best mall in the Seattle Area

    uh..right now...tacoma mall beacsue der gattin da grapes
  9. azn rocking vii

    anywhere to buy air jordans in bellingham/bellisfair?

    lol accually i went there kinda hoping i could get the black/caro V's no luck...all dey had were some XIV's...and the XXI of course
  10. azn rocking vii

    Any NT'ers that live in or near Whidbey Island ?

    sup jnukes this is steven...if that matters... i guess imma shoe head living in oak harbor...about the grapes...tacoma mall footaction is for sure a place....jsut to add on...
  11. azn rocking vii

    Official Air Jordan IV "Mars" post...

    mayne those b one git hold of people from europe to cop em' early?
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