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  1. teddy jam

    MIAMI - planning a trip - need help on LOCATION!!

    so wife and I are planning a 4 day trip to miami for the August long weekend and I've been researching some packages and have found myself in a dilemma.  As many of you know, the hotels in the south beach area are pretty run down and overpriced (except for some really expensive ones which I...
  2. teddy jam

    NYC ppl - need your recommendations

    hi, i know this should be in the regional forum, but it's not very active and i am looking to book a trip to NYC immediately for the first time - so mods plz don't move right away my wife and I are looking to stay near midtown manhattan for 4 days (fri-mon) ...can anyone recommend a good...
  3. teddy jam

    is there a mobile NT site?

    i know other forums have a mobile version of the forum, which is ideal for smartphones i find browsing on NT on my iphone eats up alot of data when i'm on the carrier network there a way to get rid of excess items like removing avatars, etc etc thanks
  4. teddy jam

    xbox live - do you need to buy the XBOX wireless adapter for it to work?

    want to get a live account, got a router..but need an adapter we have to get the XBOX one that runs for 100 dollars? or do other compatible routers work, and if so, is it as connective as the official xbox one? if it doesn't work as well, id rather pay the extra amoutn to get the xbox one...
  5. teddy jam

    CFA Tomorrow vol. who's writing

    anyone writing tomorrow on NT? goodluck to all !
  6. teddy jam

    Anyone writing their CFA? Vol. Finance ppl check in!

    i figured their MIGHT be a few ppl on here who are writing it i'm writing level 1 in june http://www.cfainstitute.o...aprog/overview/index.html cliff notes for those who don't know what it is - it's 3 levels (self study) - once you pass (which requires alot of work) - you will be balling out...
  7. teddy jam

    Anybody on NT get this "unread message" on the forum?

    this just started today i think, and it's mad annoying ....anytime i refresh and new topics come up, this message is coming beside the thread anybody know how to remove this? (I click mark forum read - which clears it, but when a new thread comes up, the same message comes back) thanks for any...
  8. teddy jam

    Bosh's girlfriend caused the Raps to lose few days ago! (VID)

    dunno if yall followed the raps/cavs game a few days ago, basically the raps had the game on a lock until supposedly a few players on the raptors bench got lebron fired up by talkin smack commentators were tryin to figure it out who was gettin him fired up - turns out it was Bosh's GF and...
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