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  1. fecta23

    Rate My Fantasy Football Team ( Ten Team League)

    2nd pick, Snake. QB-Romo (4th Round RB-AD ( 1st) RB- Rashard Mendenhall ( 2nd) RB-Shonne Greene( 3rd) WR- Boldin ( 5th) WR- Welker (8th) TE- Whitten (6th) D- Packers ( 12) K- WR- Maclin (9th) WR- Britt ( 11th) RB- Bradshaw (10th) RB-Donald Brown ( 7th ) QB Favre (14th) RB- Steve...
  2. fecta23

    Wallet Question? Coach is for guys too?

    So I needed a new Wallet and for Christmas my mom got me a Coach wallet, is it cool for guys to rock Coach? I know, "just do you" etc. But I justwanna know if its common since I only see girls rock Coach gear.TIA.
  3. fecta23

    NT give me some motivation( senioritis)

    So im a senior in college and im having a really hard time staying motivated with school. I really have no reason to get good grades, I've already appliedto Law school so the schools already have my transcripts and thats all I need good grades for.... So NT anyone else in a similar boat? How you...
  4. fecta23

    cheating on your GF is the wrong move -Update got caught on pg 2

    Man, Just got done doing this for the first time and fellas let me tell you its not worth it at all. At the time it feels tight and the emotions get the bestof you but I feel TERRIBLE now its not even funny the nut is not even close to worth all. So fellow NT cheaters how do you deal...
  5. fecta23

    NT I'm in love. Vol Kina Grannis

    This girl is so cute/sexy and has an amazing voice and on top of that seems super chill in her videos. What are your thoughts.
  6. fecta23

    Zack and Miri or role models ?

    Me and my girl are going to a movie tonight. Which one is better? And please state your age with your opinion Thanks on advance
  7. fecta23

    8 year old impersonates Bill O'Reilly

    Can someone embed for me?
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