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  1. drameezy

    Upcoming Artist!

    I'm a young Artist barely making my moves this year in 2012. If you guys would check me out & maybe support me it would help me out a lot. I been an artist my whole life. Used to be a graffiti artist back in high-school, used to bust murals but ended up getting caught so i had to stop. started...
  2. drameezy

    Sending a girl the WRONG TEXT!!! part 2 not so funny

    Aight so i was talking to this girl awhile back, messing around w/ her & watever. We stoppd talking after her EX came back into her life... Watev Haha But the funny thing is the Ex was my cousin, i didnt know that until later! Anyways i was like watev, let him have her! I never told him. Its...
  3. drameezy

    Sending a girl the WRONG TEXT!!! Kinda funny

    Aight so i had this jumpoff a while back, we were talking & all. Wasn't serious about her, but i'd act so in love w/ her. And one day she hits me up, & im like "what you doing?" & she's like "nothing just talking to my EX"... Ok, so we talk & shes just acting weird w/ me, & then outta no where...
  4. drameezy

    Curb your enthusiasm appreciation thread*

    I dont know if this been posted lately... but HBO has brought back some old episodes. You gotta peep it, my dude Larry David is a funny human being. Haha pure comedy...
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