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  1. sleepybluedemon

    What Clippers/Trimmer Should I Get?

    Kinda tried to look but couldn't find any previous threads... Anyways, I have had a Wahl Peanut for about 10 years now. I only use it to clean up the back of my neck and facial hair beard/goatee. I sometimes run a 1 or 2 setting through the facial hair too. I try to clean up my facial hair a...
  2. sleepybluedemon

    2012/2013 NCAA Basketball Post?

    I just wanted to share my team, DePaul's new jerseys for the season. What do you guys think? Just the fact that Nike is showin' us a lil bit of love is nice, no mattter how bad we are. The stripes are a nice nod to our 80s glory years uniforms. I like that we get two alternates. The...
  3. sleepybluedemon

    NT, Educate Me On The Asian American Experience

    Hey fellow NT'ers, First off, yeah this is for school.  I'm taking a masters level course about culture.  When given the choice to research a culture that's not my own, I was interested in learning more about Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders.  It's a demographic I can see myself working with...
  4. sleepybluedemon


    xbox noob here.  So I get an error message that the xbox isn't reading the FIFA12 game.  I tried all of the troubleshoot stuff on the website.  I just got the system and game for my little brother for Christmas.  It worked yesterday but not today.  All of the other games seem to work.  This is...
  5. sleepybluedemon


    I dont even like Reese's peanut butter cups due to the chalky peanut butter, but this cereal is How do they make it so soft and moist-like so that it doesn't cut up the roof of your mouth?? Right now I'm going through a box every couple of days...
  6. sleepybluedemon

    How do Sperry slip-ons fit?

    Anybody know if they're true to size or possibly a half size big? I'm looking at some Sperry Top-Sider Striper slip-ons in canvas online..
  7. sleepybluedemon

    How do Timberland 6" boots fit?

    Probably been asked countless times, but how do they fit? I'm looking to get these on sale for the winter: On the page, it suggests...
  8. sleepybluedemon

    I'm going to Washington D.C. for work this weekend. What should I see?

    I'll be there from Saturday through Monday night for all these workshops and conferences. I won't have a car. The hotel is in Arlington, VA, Ithink. I'll probably have Monday afternoon/evening off. What should I see and how do I get there? I'm a veteran Chicago public transportation rider...
  9. sleepybluedemon

    Which Chicago stores sell Jack Purcells?

    I just wanna check out some white ones, preferably leather, and try them on. I saw them I think at a j crew and I thought they didn't look bad for a whiteshoe, but didn't like how they came already ripped and beat up. I don't really go to the standard shoehead stores since I'm not the type...
  10. sleepybluedemon


    UPTEMPO and RETRO AIR PIPPEN 2 Please give me the positives and negatives of these shoes. A description of how they feel and fit would be appreciated. Also, what would be a good value for both now?
  11. sleepybluedemon

    Pony signs Wilson Chandler to shoe deal...
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