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  1. seattle206

    Old days of NT....

    After the passing of a friend who was formally on here I decided to log back in. Read some of old ridiculous stuff we used to post on here for some laughs. Anybody still left from from 2001 on Niketalk?
  2. seattle206

    NDS: Air Jordan IV "Mars" Fire-Red '06 sz 10.5

    Used Air Jordan IV "Mars" Fire-Red 2006 Retro in size 10.5. Purchased brand new from LV Niketown. Comes with original box + retro card. Great condition minus a little bit of paint cracks on inner mid-sole(been there for years and hasn't developed any more) Paypal only, no trades. $120 shipped...
  3. seattle206

    NDS: Air Jordan VII "Raptor" 02' Retro sz. 10

    Used but in great condition 2002 Raptor VII retro's in sz. 10. Purchased brand new at Foot Action in 2002. Comes with original box + Retro card. Worn but still in excellent shape for 10 year old Nike's! $110 FIRM shipped via USPS. PayPal only, no trades.
  4. seattle206

    FS: Air Jordan Military IV Retro 2006 Release NDS sz 10.5

    Air Jordan IV Military 2006 Retro, USED NDS(Look at pics), Overall great condition minus the minor cracking of paint on inner sides(Poor Nike quality for yah), comes with original box+retro card. Purchased brand new from the Portland Nike ES. Will ship USPS priority. PayPal only. $130 shipped.
  5. seattle206

    Air Jordan XX Wht/Blk sz. 10 ORIGINAL 2005 Release

    Air Jordan XX White/Black Original. Size: US10 mens Condition: VNDS/Great condition. No creases/scuffs/etc... Description. Purchased brand new at Niketown Seattle in 2005. Will come with original box, card, and mesh sack. PayPal only. All sales final. Will Ship UPS ground w/ tracking #...
  6. seattle206

    FS: Air Jordan V Retro LS 2006 UNDFTD sz. 10 NDS

    Air Jordan V Retro LS in UNDFTD color scheme Price: $140 Shipped Size: US10 Condition: NDS/Great condition Accessories: Comes with original box Description: Purchased brand new in 2006 from Niketown Seattle. PayPal only. All sales final. Will ship UPS ground w/ tracking # provided.
  7. seattle206

    Anybody autoX, track, race their cars?

    Been gradually tapping into the motorsports world and I have my first autoX/track session next month w/ a professional instructor.  Gonna get my car prep'd up and going helmet shopping tomorrow. Anybody here track?  Doesn't matter if its straight line, road track, rally, etc.
  8. seattle206

    Happy Chinese/Lunar New Year! Kung Hei Fat Choy!

    Normally, I see a Lunar New Year post but hadn't seen one yet so...Here it is! Kung Hei Fat Choy! "Seen Hi Gan Hong"- Toishan dialect and the rest..."Xin Nian Kuai Le, Gong Xi Fa Cai" - Mandarin Don't know the other Asian phrases but please do add! About to get them red enevlopes all week...
  9. seattle206

    Recommendations on NON-MAC laptop?

    So any good recommendations thats not a mac?  Thanks.
  10. seattle206

    Another China Trip Thread... Vol. Wo Shi Taishan Ren!

    Been wanting to post some pictures from my China trip in August but seeing I always get beat by other NTer's throwing their trip pics up made me hesitant.  Well, anyways here are my pictures.  They are a mix taken from 10 different cities:  Beijing, Xi'an, Nanjing, Shanghai, Wuxi, Hangzhou...
  11. seattle206

    GS430 or CLS550

    06-08 GS430 black on black only or 07-08 CLS550 black on black only Lets throw out the whole reliability argument as we all know Lexus>Benz in terms of maintenance, reliablity, cost of ownership, etc...Looks are subjective so I want to see what NT chooses.
  12. seattle206

    Seattle Police Punches Girl

  13. seattle206

    Whose Gone Skydiving?

    Thinking about getting a skydiving party going for my bday next month.  Of course none of my friends have done it before so we're going to have professionals strapped on to us.  Any NTers gone before?  Seems like the ultimate adrendeline rush!
  14. seattle206

    Price Check: 2000 Jordan VI Olympics sz 10.5

    Have these sitting in my closet for years.  Worn only 6x max in nearly 10 years.  As you can see the front toe has aged due to oxidation and the sole has a yellowish tint.  Everything else is a excellent condition.  No original box or retro card.
  15. seattle206

    Best NEW car for $35k?

    Best new car for $35k?  No sedans, fairly sporty, for daily driving.  This is for my little cousin. Top choices: 2011 Mustang GT = Car is a beast but overall fit and finish of a ford is horrible, cheap plastic interior, low resale value. 2010/11 Camaro SS =  Same with the stang. 2010/11 VW GTI...
  16. seattle206

    Glue for midsole of XIs?

    Part of the midsole off my cool grey XIs came off of the patent leather.  Any recommended glues to fix this?  Thanks.
  17. seattle206

    where to buy snapping turtles in NY?

    Going to NYC tomorrow. Want to pick up some baby snapping turtles back to Seattle. Any places by Chinatown that sells them? I know that snapping turtles arethe official New York reptile. I had one of these things as pet when I was a kid and thought it would kinda fun to have a childhood pet...
  18. seattle206

    Who are you Insured by? (Car Insurance)

    Need to go car insurance shopping. I was under my dads policy but the insurance agent called and said I can no longer be under his policy and must purchasemy own, kind of odd because I thought at the age of 24 or 25 then you need your own policy. -23 -full-time college student -2 speeding...
  19. seattle206

    I actually won something I like at the fair.

    i actually won something i wanted at the puyallup fair. won this giant realistic looking tiger in the ring toss bottle game on my second toss. couldnt evenfit this thing in my car properly so i had its head stick out the window on the ride back. on the road, peoples faces were , , , haha...
  20. seattle206

    2008 M3 or 2006 M5?

    A 2008 E92 M3 w/ less than 15k miles for $53,000 or 2006 E60 M5 with 30-35k miles for $47k? M3, newer, lower milage, warranty. M5, older, higher milage, warranty about to expire, higher maintenanace but worth it for that V10. Will not be used for a DD.
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