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  1. aaron1976

    Nike Store Robson Vancouver "V Is For Victory Party"

    Please join us at the Robson NIKE store for a great Invite only Party March 19th 9pm - 12am
  2. aaron1976

    1990's Forgotten Hip Hop Video Gem's

    I can't handle 1 more post about Lil Wayne, Camron, Dip Set etc. What are some of your long lost 90's Hip Hop video "Jams" Ya we all loved Bigge "Flav in your Ear" hit me with some I have forgotten. Da King & I- "Tears" Boogiemonsters - "Recognized Thresholds Of Negative Stress"...
  3. aaron1976 Model's SKEET SKEET SKEET

    Well I thought the new American Gladiators would cure some of my boredom, I guessedwrong. So that said, with all the promo codes in everyone's sig's I finally checked out the site. I found the site to cater to your high schoolkid that lives in small town with no access to his...
  4. aaron1976

    Intelligence on CBC

    Am I the only one watching this show over the last 2 years? Great Canadian show and from what I know accurately portrays what is actually going on in Vancouver. Canada's version of The Wire.
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