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  1. crazycisko

    NT young Jordanheads..would u wear a DMP pk if...

    Your mom bought it for your birthday and they were not real? i ask this because this is what i wanted for my 17th b-day. i was unemployed so 400-600 was crazymoney back then. she asked me what i wanted. she did her research. (i dont how cuz Dominican moms don't know how 2 use pc's) it meant the...
  2. crazycisko

    Which Jordan Has the Best Quality in 07'?

    i was at my house and i was looking through my jays.i pull out all the jordans that released this year. and i noticed that the flips 3 quality is on point. ihave rocked my pair about 8 times and they look brand new no creases or anything.. does anybody agree with me? what jordans you think JB...
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