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  1. twenty3liveson

    S.I. surveys 216 NBA players asking "Which Player Would You Most Like to Play With?"

    I all about Kobe's greatness and all (<<just inserted that because a bunch of kobe fans with kobe screenames would be hopping all over me) but why dopeople want to play with him? It's not like he's taking the Lakers anywhere.
  2. twenty3liveson

    Would we be talking about the Pats right now if?.....

    It would've only been one less championship. They still would be a dynasty regardless.
  3. twenty3liveson

    the dunk contest

    Isn't Gerald almost forced to do it since he won it last year?
  4. twenty3liveson

    Uni Watch: The NikeTalk version Vol. '96 Bulls

    Co-sign the Grant Hill one posted up there. The NBA jerseys now are so plain (Pistons, Magic, Rockets etc.) that I never even think of getting one.
  5. twenty3liveson

    NBA Draft stock post

    I'm from MN and I wish I could watch Beasley more since he's most likely going to be wearing a Wolves jersey. Since he plays for Kansas State though,it's hard to catch a game.
  6. twenty3liveson

    New ESPN Mock draft

    at the Vikings trying to improve their D-Line when they already have topro bowl starters up front
  7. twenty3liveson

    Someone call ZoDogg ASAP

    What a snitch j/k we need to clean up this situation with the referees
  8. twenty3liveson

    THANK YOU WIZARDS! can't be serious. Before that trade actually happened on July 31st the Celtics-Wolves were going back and forth back and forth with trade offers starting during the middle ofJune. It had nothing to do with Donaghy or Stern. Your reaching kid
  9. twenty3liveson

    --{Iverson Dribbling a football}--

    Damn that was
  10. twenty3liveson

    american gladiators cancelled

    We hate you threadstarter.
  11. twenty3liveson

    Your PICKS for the DIVISIONAL PLAYOFFS! (spelled correctly this time) lol

    Pats, Cowboys, Colts all losing? I don't think so.
  12. twenty3liveson

    QB's and Baseball players who throw like girls

    lol word to sandlot "HE Throws like a Girl!!"
  13. twenty3liveson

    [::Official ~Indiana Pacers @ Los Angeles Lakers~ SUNDAY (1/6) 6:30pm PT::]

    Vlade staring intently at the camera during the interview Man 8 seasons with the Lakers, but seeing him makes me miss the Webber/Christie/Peja/Bibby/Divac combo.
  14. twenty3liveson

    What are you listening to now? Vol iTunes 24.1

    If I Had Eyes- Jack Johnson Everything You Want- Vertical Horizen Uncle Sam Goddamn- Brother Ali Take me Home- Brother Ali
  15. twenty3liveson

    The College Basketball Post

    Great shot by Ellington, but how could Clemson leave him that open? I know that Ellington's guy was going for the steal but he should've played it safeand not have gone for the steal because it was a risk and it ended up costing him.
  16. twenty3liveson

    [::Official ~Indiana Pacers @ Los Angeles Lakers~ SUNDAY (1/6) 6:30pm PT::]

    Indiana is staying competitive and making a comeback. Granger
  17. twenty3liveson

    -[Official Chargers vs Colts Thread]- vol. Philip Rivers Appreciation

    Hopefully the week off will help the Colts rather than hurt them. The Chargers losing Gates will definitely hurt them but I don't know the extent of the injury so he may still be playing. Harrison is going to be back and I see nothing stopping the Colts from winning. By 15
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