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  1. guesshooiem

    Nike running, sensor, iphone etc. question???

    I would like to start running again and the nike+ has gadgets that seem pretty motivating. But I am confused. Some sound like they need a sensor and some do not. What do I need if I were to purchase the nike lunarglide 4 or lunareclipse 2? I have the iphone 3GS and waiting for the iphone 5 if...
  2. guesshooiem

    request hyperdunk 2010 vs hyperfuse review?????

    anyone have tried on these shoes?  which one would be a better purchase?  I play a guard and I am only 5'9.  I need a shoe to ball, just not sure which one to pick.
  3. guesshooiem

    KOBE V against miami

    1.  Kobe is wearing the black/white colorway against Miami. 2.  Why is Lamar Odom going back to the IVs? 3.  Why is the kobe V forum locked?
  4. guesshooiem

    lamar odom hyperdunk lows??

    I just saw yesterday at footlocker, the hyperdunk lows with lamar odom's logo on the back.  what is this about?  Against denver he went back to the kobe IVs.  So whats the news on this hyperdunk?  sorry if this has been posted already.
  5. guesshooiem

    where can I find Microsoft Word?

    I need to get a hold of a copy of Microsoft office (word, excel, powerpoint, etc).  My kid needs it for her laptop for homework.  I have been looking around and it is pricey.  Where can I get a cheaper price or a copy of the microsoft office?  help is greatly appreciated.
  6. guesshooiem

    AT&T users I need your help please

    Hey fellow AT&T users. My contract is almost up and I can upgrade my phone. What are your opinions on the iphone 3Gs and the blackberry bold? I haveread up on both of the phones and both have excellent reviews. Also, for the iphone, is 16 GB enough? Or move up to a 32GB? I heard those apps...
  7. guesshooiem

    anyone try the bluetooth headset plantronics discovery 975??

    has anyone tried the plantronics discovery 975? it is priced at $129.99 which kind of pricey. anyone know a place that has it cheaper? whats your reviews onit? I know cnet and customer reviews give it a high rating. How is the earpiece fit?
  8. guesshooiem

    when do the under armour prototypes come out?

    I am liking the pictures of the prototype in the Kicks magazine. when do they release?
  9. guesshooiem

    anyone have any info on longboards? (skateboards)

    I am looking into getting a longboard. Does anyone know about the length of the board, good brand, accessories, etc? I plan on just riding it from point A topoint B and carve for fun. Any suggestions?
  10. guesshooiem

    what is the difference? adidas pro model vs fusion?

    I am looking at eastbay and I see the adidas pro model (patent leather) backordered. I also see the pro model fusion for $50. what is the difference betweenthese shoes? the pictures look the same? anyone know?
  11. guesshooiem

    Computer question....can you help please?

    I just got a compaq laptop and it has vista. 3GB memory and 160GB hard drive. It has norton internet security (60 days trial)....I set up the norton byconfigurations and I wanted to update it. It says it updated but norton still kept running. I could not get it to stop or close the program...
  12. guesshooiem many posts do I need.....?

    First off, I know this is in the wrong forum. Sorry in advance. I have a pair of shoes on craigslist. How come I can not post in the buying forum? How manyposts do I need to be allowed to post in the buying/selling forum? Thanks for your help.
  13. guesshooiem

    I need help with picking a computer

    I can not afford a macbook so I decided to buy a PC laptop. This laptop will be a gift to my girl. how much RAM and how big of a hard drive should I get? Ido not know much about computers. the use for this laptop is very casual (email, microsoft office, surf the internet, load music on...
  14. guesshooiem

    anyone with a review on Adidas Fusion?

    I like how they are similar to the promodel 2gs. has anyone tried them on? I would like a review, I am considering buying them
  15. guesshooiem

    what is the hype about macbooks, etc?

    I see so many mac laptops all over campus. what is the big deal about them? It has got me curious. I am just a student. a laptop would be useful for mewhen it comes to writing papers, holding pictures, internet (email/research), play music (ipod/presentations), and thats pretty much it. I...
  16. guesshooiem

    can anyone give a review on the adidas lightswitch mids?

    ive been looking for a review and i only see the lowtops (gilzeros)....anyone have a link or a review themselves about the lightswitch mids? im thinking ofgetting the howard colorway
  17. guesshooiem

    any reviews on the BB II?

    i like the all black ones. anyone have a review on these? are they as good as the first ones?
  18. guesshooiem

    where to find compression sleeves/shooter sleeves?

    im in so looking for a store that carries the compression sleeve. im in LA county/ OC.....if you can help me out that would be greatly appreciated. thanks!
  19. guesshooiem

    whats a good flat screen tv?

    whats a good company? im looking for a flat screen LCD...about a 32 inch for my bedroom. anyone have any feedback? thanks!
  20. guesshooiem

    what is the review for the adidas artillery II?

    anyone have these shoes? they are on sale and im liking the looks of them. i was just curious how good they are on the court.
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