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  1. s50h

    Right shoe size for the car windowshield mirror

    Please advise. I was thinking of 3C to 5C? Pictures would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. s50h

    Wedding Theme: Jordan XI Concords

    Hi, Does anyone have pictures of the wedding with the Jordan XI Concords worn by the best men or the husband himself? What should be the color theme to go with the shoes? If this is a wrong place to be moved, please move to the correct section- thank you!
  3. s50h

    LEGIT CHECK: CG 11'S SIZE 14 Look at the pictures from this eBay auction, is this fake or grey market or officially legit? Thanks in advance.
  4. s50h


    Hi, I am looking to buy: -Royal 1's, recent release -Playoff 13's -CDP 14's or all-black (stealth) 10's -Carmine 6's or Infrared 6's -True Blue 3's All has to be in size 14, please PM me if you have a pair for sale (PayPal preferred) or trade. Thank you!
  5. s50h


    Hi, I need a pair of Concords in size 14, please PM me if you have a pair for sale (PayPal preferred) or trade. Thank you!
  6. s50h


    Brand new, 100% Deadstock. Comes with original box. 100% authentic. Contact- PM for completing the deal or trade for size 14 Chicago X's. Payment- PayPal Shipping- USPS Priority Mail and Tracking info will be provided. Confirmed addresses only. n
  7. s50h

    Eastbay: FREE SHIPPING at $49.99

    Hi, Not sure if this is the correct place to be posted, however I am looking for a code to free shipping on $49.99. Does anyone have one? Thanks in advance.
  8. s50h

    Hi, What is the website address for every Jordan pair released? OGs and Retroes? Last time I checked, the was not in service, or did I type that wrong? Thanks in advance.
  9. s50h

    Discussion: Linksys E4200 or Netgear N750?

    If you chose Linksys E4200, then why? If you chose Netgear N750, then why? Thank you.
  10. s50h

    NFL Clothing could be exclusives?

    Not sure if this belongs to the General Forums or Sports/Training Forums... I may have noticed that some NFL clothing seem to be exclusive, as this one below is not available in stores: True, or if this is false, then where do you go find them? does not provide this particular...
  11. s50h

    Footlocker's Friends & Family Sale

    Hi, Is there anyone in here that knows the next date of Friends & Family Sale offered by Footlocker? Thanks in advance.
  12. s50h

    Brian Schottenheimer

    Hi, Where can I find this "turtleneck" long-sleeved sweater Brian Schottenheimer and few other Jets coaches have been wearing on the sidelines this year? I tried, no luck... is this exclusive to the coaches only? Other teams have worn them, ie. John Harbaugh of the Baltimore Ravens...
  13. s50h

    HTC EVO Users - what apps have you downloaded so far?

    First day with the EVO, and so far... only downloaded the AIM App.
  14. s50h

    If you had to choose... HTC EVO, Samsung Epic or Apple iPhone 4?

    As this was rumored that there will be the next generation of the Apple iPhone coming out in 2011, which occurs next month...? Can anyone clarify on that one, and I have compared the Sprint phones between the HTC EVO and Samsung Epic, it came to a surprise that the HTC EVO is better out of both...
  15. s50h

    PS3 - Gran Turismo 5 - Official Thread - NOV 24th - 8 DAYS!

     and... I thought it was going to be released on 1/1/2011, what just happened? Source:
  16. s50h

    Video games, unopened - where to exchange?

    Apparently, Gamestop will not allow you to exchange the unopened video games for different titles anymore... are there any other stores that will accept the exchanging?
  17. s50h

    Stubhub Codes?

    Hello, Any Stubhub codes for 10% off or 20% off? Thanks in advance.
  18. s50h

    Dallas Mavs die-hard fans/Fans favorite of Josh Howard--

    What shoe size does Josh Howard wear, anyone know? Any info. would be appreciated, thanks!
  19. s50h

    ~ Andruw-Jeter-NFL Feet of Jordans, 2007! ~

    I think this section had this same stuff for NFL Feet of Jordans last year or something, so I thought... Why don't we have this again for the NBA season this year? I'll start this off with some from this week's Pre-Season: Ray Allen-- Carmelo Anthony-- Mike Bibby-- Eddie Jones--...
  20. s50h

    Zoom LeBron III Birthday Bundle, READ!

    Post if you're going to be on-line at 12PM PST/3PM EST to purchase a pair of Zoom LeBron III Birthday Bundle-- :hat Keep Your Hood Safe START SNITCHIN' E-mail: AIM: S50H
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