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  1. ptrakarn23

    Anybody ever see a Corkscrew like this?

    My buddy just launched his kickstarter project, which is a new twist to the original corkscrew and would like any feedback you could give, the target market is the 24+ age group who have a more loose budget and wine connoisseurs. I told him it was a good idea for that high end market and it...
  2. ptrakarn23


    The contest ends Friday the 17th at Noon, winner gets $500 cash.  I'm planning on spending all $500 for an OPEN bar on campus.  Help us college students get free beer!!!! #GODUCKS Not doing this for myself but trying to have some fun with this. Thanks in advance for your time...
  3. ptrakarn23

    Looking for a T-shirt design $50 paypal to winner! #GODUCKS

    Looking for a simple T-shirt design that will be marketed on the Univ. of Oregon Campus. If you have some free time, creative, and know how to use adobe illustrator please submit your design! $50 paypal gift to chosen design. Slogan on shirt (play off of 'racks on racks on racks'): Quacks...
  4. ptrakarn23

    Has anybody been to China?

    Leaving in a week and staying for a month and a half. Looking to hit Shanghi, Beijing, Hong kong, macau. Has anybody been there and what do you suggest we do? we have international friends abroad and friends studying also. None of us can speak Chinese so we're winging it. So far we're gonna...
  5. ptrakarn23

    where my Northwest twitfam at?

    wheres all the oregon/washington heads at? trying to network over here.. my "boys" irl couldn't even drop me a heads up for those banned jordan 1s that droppd at the outlets today @paulmakesitrain follow back all my twitfam
  6. ptrakarn23

    being asian/asian people appreciation post

    i really enjoy our collectivist culture, cuisine, {{}}, region/countries while traveling, and our hard working mindset passed down from generation to generation. i'm reppin thailand
  7. ptrakarn23

    Whos into sportsbetting here? what website do you use?

    Anybody use Bodog? how about 2betdsi? i've been getting into betting on NBA games since coming back from vegas this past weekend... chime in on the best websites, thanks!
  8. ptrakarn23

    Bar Hopping Vol. Whats REALLY good?

    Just wondering, ya boy will be legal next month (after 3 MIP's) this month will be long as hell... so what's all the fuss about?
  9. ptrakarn23

    NT Gentlemen Vol. Help me smash

    First of all i know the rule... and i guarantee ya'll ill come through with pics afterwards. So last night i needed some detergent for the laundry and decided to ask the neighbor upstairs.. shes a dimepiece , has seen me around once in a while, and had noproblem letting me borrow some so i...
  10. ptrakarn23

    How to throw a hotel party Vol. Advice, tip's, suggestions!

    To the point, i'm rolling to visit some buddies few hours outta town. Instead of crashing at there casa's and inconveniencing there families, I decidedI want to just rent a motel/hotel room and possibly throw a lil something, pop bottles, ya dig? For those with experience and tips, please...
  11. ptrakarn23

    FRYS - LG 42" Full HD 1080p 120Hz LCD TV $600 + or 47" $700

    i stumbled upon this and i know this is a deal... no shipping; instore pickup only and im passin now cuz theres gotta be a better deal come black friday.. Frys has LG 42LH40 42" Full HD 1080p 120Hz LCD TV for $600. Lowest price from google products shipped is $828. Thanks iconian Specs...
  12. ptrakarn23

    Do you live an examined life? Vol. Socrates

    I just finished reading the trial and death of Socrate's and I felt empowered to live an examined life, but I am still questioning whether or not his wholeview was hypocritical as Socrates ALWAYS chose the correct path and "obeyed" all of the Athenian laws but at one point he was ordered to...
  13. ptrakarn23

    Dating advice, tips, etc...

    I could use a few now that I am officially dating.. and i'm sure 90% of NT could use some too. Thanks a bunch in advance
  14. ptrakarn23

    Recommend me a belt, thanks!

    I need something simple, yet stylish mainly for jeans. definitely not looking to spend more than $50 but feel free to post what you have, thanks!
  15. ptrakarn23

    Devin The Dude,

    he really is that dude... recommend me some other mixtapes/artists/rappers
  16. ptrakarn23

    Has anyone seen the movie, Dirty Dancing? or wrote any essays on it?

    Has anyone seen this movie? I'm having a hard time coming up with a insightful, thought provoking argument for my paper. The paper only has to be 4 pages long so if you're up for it theres $$ involved
  17. ptrakarn23

    Air max 1+ og red/blue's

    Anybody have word on release in portland? will the ES receive them? i gotta make a visit since this guest pass is almost expired
  18. ptrakarn23

    Merry Christmas to the Northwest...

    Hope you have a good one... its definitely a white xmas in Portland...
  19. ptrakarn23

    any Footlocker, Champs, Fta employees, Portland?

    Can ya swoop something up for me on that 50% employee appreciation? Looking for the Penny 2s black/blue + pippen black/red colorway both 11.5 or 12... I won't mind greasin ya... holla
  20. ptrakarn23

    What ya dressin up as for Halloween?

    Thought there should be a post for this... I need some idea's since i've always been used to putting together a costume. I felt that I might change itup this year and drop a few on an outfit...
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