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  1. visualmusic

    /Advice needed for a back-to-school laptop/

    Looking to get a good and affordable laptop for college. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Especially what to look for specifically when I'm in these retail stores. Thanks.
  2. visualmusic

    K.I.T : The Last KiD on Earth

    Anyone else listen to him or this tape in general? Its been on repeat ever since I got my hands on it. K.I.T is a local rapper from around here [Rhode Island]. Dude is so talented. I saw him in concert a few months back and was completely blown away. Anyways, check out his work. the Ocean...
  3. visualmusic

    Derrick Comedy's "Mystery Team"

    Has anyone seen this? I'm a pretty big fan of Donald Glover/Childish Gambino so I decided to check this out recently; super funny. It def has its corny moments but overall, I enjoyed it a lot. The 8 Ball line had me dying. "Mystery Team: Looking to buy some cocaine on a Saturday night. Drug...
  4. visualmusic

    *_Quick Questions about 1098 E Form_*

    If I paid less than $600 in my Student Loan taxes, can I still deduct it? I have the form, I'm just not sure If I'm able to since its 537. Thanks in advance.
  5. visualmusic

    *_So apparently Kim Darby [in the OG True Grit] looks JUST like Justin Bieber_*

    I'm probably mad late but this *$#!* blowing my mind right now. But then again, I'm exhausted as well . Any other good celebrity look a likes?
  6. visualmusic

    *_Cam'rons verse on 'Fantastic Four PTII' Appreciation Post_*

    Back in the day we was slavewhips and chainsits traditionall i got whips and chainsAll i didflip some canenow a +%+%$ sick of the rangeonly a new six could fix the painLook at all these goose bumps round my wrist and veinsMilton Bradley wanna get my game5-0 wanna frisk my frameI dont deal wit...
  7. visualmusic

    *_An Appreciation Post for Lupe's Wordplay_*

    It's mean, soldier Now let me put the streets down like steam rollers With the cats that push 40 ounces through the hood [CATs = Caterpillar Company] Like king cobra, see me sling soda [King Cobra = 40 oz brand & Soda = Coke] Cause the extra foam in the split is mix (It's really 36) [in a 40 oz...
  8. visualmusic

    *_Niketalk, please help my friend get on Mad Men (takes a few seconds)_*

    Never really asked for any favors on this site but I'm hoping you can help me out. My close friend is trying to get on Mad Men and can only achieve this if he gets the most votes on this site. Literally takes less than one minute. Click on this link, hit the vote button and your off. I'd really...
  9. visualmusic

    *_Anyone ever attended a Rock the Bells show?_*

    Now that I was able to get the day off, I'm planning on heading to Rock the Bells in NY next month. For those who have gone in the past, how long is the show? And do the main events usually perform towards the beginning or the end of the show? Cause unfortunately, I won't be able to stay...
  10. visualmusic


    Anyone else watching Salma Hayek on Lopez Tonight? Her chest looks so perfect.
  11. visualmusic

    *_If you attend a company meeting out of state..._*

    ...are they suppose to give you gas money? I was invited to a Nike meeting in Boston [I live in RI] so I'm taking the trip the in the morning. But I'm wondering, is it mandatory for them to give me gas money? They haven't mentioned it yet but I remember last time we had a Nike meeting over an...
  12. visualmusic

    *_Ideas on what to do on your birthday?_*

    My 22nd Birthday is this Friday and I'm pretty much clueless on what I'm planning on doing. Any ideas would help. Also, anything that doesn't involve clubbing please. If this helps, I'm in Rhode Island. I wouldn't mind traveling to Boston or somewhere if its something dope. Thanks in advance.
  13. visualmusic

    *_Newbury Comics has great deals on used games_*

    In case your not aware, they're having great specials on all their used games. DJ Hero: $30 [$20 for PS2] Resident Evil 5: $15 Killzone 2: $22 Assassins Creed: $30 There's a lot more as well. Just thought I'd share.
  14. visualmusic

    *_What's the nicest thing a stranger has done for you?_*

    Yesterday, I was at D&B with my nephew and before leaving, we decided to look at the prizes since I had 5,700 tickets to spend. I saw they had Modern Warfare 2 for the PS3 and told him I'd just continue saving to get it since it was only 12,000 and I was in no rush. I guess the guy behind me...
  15. visualmusic

    *_Can I bring a camera to the House of Blues [Boston]?_*

    I'm going to the Lupe show and the site says you can't but 95% of the time it says that and everyone gets in with one. Has anyone gone to a show here? And do they search you before entering? Thanks in advance.
  16. visualmusic

    *_Can someone post Joe Budden tour dates?_*

    I can't find it anywhere and I remember hearing he was going to be in Mass this month but I'm not sure where and when. Thanks in advance.
  17. visualmusic

    *_Has anyone benefitted from stores closing down in your area?_*

    I stopped in Hollywood video today looking for some games when I was informed they were closing down on Monday . Its the last one around my way, which sucks cause I hate Blockbuster . Anyways, when I was leaving, the guy informed me how they're selling all the gamesand DVDs in the store for a...
  18. visualmusic

    *_Video Request: Guy dancing in church_*

    I'm trying to show my cousin all his videos but I can't find them. Thanks in advance.
  19. visualmusic

    *_Has anyone seen Bronson?_*

    I REALLY want to see this movie, but its not playing anywhere around me . It looks ridiculously awesome. Has anyone been able to watch it?
  20. visualmusic

    *_Price Check/ CDP XI Size 6_*

    Trying to get rid of these but not sure for how much. Bought em' for my girl...she wore em' for about 3 or 4 hours and realized they were toouncomfortable and never wore them again. Might as well make a profit. Any help is appreciated.
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