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  1. crazyaboutjayz

    best and cheapest place for custom suits in NYC

    hi, like the titles states, where can i get a very good custom suit for a decent price in NYC? the reason why i ask this is because im only 5'5 and pretty skinny, or atleast i like the skinny fit. So anything off the rack would be either to big or to long. So my local new yorkers, where can i...
  2. crazyaboutjayz

    whats the procedure on getting a car?

    Hi, im thinking about getting a car soon, but im completely lost on what i have to do when im about to purchase a car, as my first car im going to buy a used car, so what will i have to do when im about to purchase it, i know its a good idea to check the car facts on it, but is there anything...
  3. crazyaboutjayz

    - - - - - A T R I U M - - - - -

    Hi, is anyone here on Niketalk employed by the clothing store ATRIUM? i was just curious, how much is the employee discount?
  4. crazyaboutjayz

    What kind of style is this Jacket?

    Hey niketalk, i just wanted to ask, what's the name for these jackets according to the style? Thanks
  5. crazyaboutjayz

    If MJ was still in the NBA, would JB's quality, design, and comfort be better?

    I started thinking today, If MJ was still in the NBA playing basketball the quality on the sneakers, design, and comfort would be much more better, I thinkever since he retired from the NBA for good the quality on his sneakers just became crap, especially with all these different colorways...
  6. crazyaboutjayz

    Stash AF1 lows

    sorry if this is in the wrong category, but yea i wanted to know, when they were released in NYC Stash himself was in Recon giving out signatures, i wanted toknow, i know he was signing shoe boxes then recently i see some stash af1's with his signature on the side of the shoe and also on the...
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