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  1. Original Playa Records

    Apple Car Play or Bluetooth Syncing = All Bad News

    Man. You can’t even listen to music in peace without your text messages getting exposed. Time to get a car phone like the 90s.
  2. Original Playa Records

    How many times do you visit NikeTalk a day?

    I won't lie, 15 years later, I check it about 10-20 times a day.
  3. Original Playa Records

    DuckTales Appreciation Post

    Remember when people would lie on here and we would post DuckTales?
  4. Original Playa Records

    What is Panda Express' Beijing Beef called in authentic Chinese restaurants?

    Man I've been wondering for years and can't seem to find it on any menus. What should I look for or ask for? Beef and broccoli fried like general tsos?
  5. Original Playa Records

    Dat Boy

    Homie been making music for a long time out of Houston. He used to go by Dat Boy Chyco. I know ya'll remember that Young Problemz song, Boy I Got So Many. It was a hit back in the gap and even had Gucci Mane on it.
  6. Original Playa Records

    Is NT ready for an official 420 thread yet?

    I mean it's threads about liquor and guns which have various legalities nationally. There should be a thread where those who indulge in that area of life can mingle.
  7. Original Playa Records

    Are fitted caps still worth anything?

    Long story short, my hairline and the way I dress, I don't have room for size 8 and 7 7/7 and 7 3/4 fitteds. Do people still rock them or buy them? Spent years looking for the I love $$$ @Henz0 hat and ion eem wanna rock it anymore
  8. Original Playa Records

    Respect Life Vol. I Can't Be The Only One

    I can't be the only person on here who watches it. Anyone else watch Respect Life? It's a YouTube series that takes place in New York City projects. This the YouTube link:
  9. Original Playa Records


    Don't think this a good idea for a thread.
  10. Original Playa Records

    Whens the last time you were caught cheating on your significant other?

    I won't lie, Apple set me up for failure. MacBook + iMessages = smh.
  11. Original Playa Records

    Bad Astigmatism, Can I get contacts?

    I'm tired of glasses, to the point that I would rather have diminished vision than wear them some days. I have more sense than that though, anyone here with BAD astigmatism with contacts? Put me on game. Thanks in advance NT.
  12. Original Playa Records

    How often do you call in for work?

    How often do you call in for work? Do you have a bad habit of it or do you usually just stick it through? If you hate work, what do you do to kill time or keep your mind free? I've always wondered how people get away with calling in all the time.
  13. Original Playa Records

    When did you quit wearing basketball shorts under your jeans?

    I won't lie. It's a bad habit these days. It's like my shorts are more important than looking / feeling comfortable these days. Anyone still do this? Or am I lost in the sauce. I know I need to hit the dressing better thread.
  14. Original Playa Records

    Hurricane Season 2015

    Who's ready? I won't lie, I hate storms due to the delays in life they cause, but they've been been here before us. Time to stock on on stuff to stay entertained during the hurricanes and tropical storms/depressions.
  15. Original Playa Records

    All Of My 1987 Babies, What are you up to today?

    What all do you have going on? College? Kids? Cars? Real Estate? Felonies? Misdemeanors? How life treating you?
  16. Original Playa Records

    SXSW 2015

    Who's heading out there this year? I was going to place this in music but I realized that the festival is more than music in terms of film and interactive. I'll be out there Tuesday until Sunday for the music part though. Here are a few RSVP's so far: Pandora Discovery Den...
  17. Original Playa Records

    Need a graphic designer ASAP (No Limit, Cash Money, Pen and Pixel Type Covers)

    Good morning NT, I remember there was a period of time when people were trolling with these and they actually looked good. Does anyone know who was good at making them? I actually need one for real, real. Thanks in advance NT
  18. Original Playa Records

    The Sauce Factory / TSF / Sauce Twinz

    newest wave out the city making some noise [Mixtape] Sauce Twinz - In Sauce We Trust :: #GetItLIVE! @LiveMixtapes @DJ_VooChainz @DJMrRogers @Sauce_Walka102
  19. Original Playa Records


    this cd a1 wouldnt even post if it wasnt
  20. Original Playa Records

    Threads I Remember Vol. Technology Changed The Game

    Back in the gap there were always a host of decent threads. My favorite was the Post Your Cell Phone thread. It was nice before everyone went Android and iPhone. Now days, it's pretty dry if someone starts one. What are some threads you remember that you might not see anymore due to technology?
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