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  1. jordanfanatic23

    Tony Sans - Know It All (Official Video)

    2nd visual off my debut Palm Tree Music which you can download at Directed by Eric Heights, Clothing provided by Pros & Cons. Tony Sans - Know It All
  2. jordanfanatic23

    Official Tony Sans - Palm Tree Music thread (DOWNLOAD LINK UP)

    DOWNLOAD LINK: doubt yall mess with ya boy but any support is appreciated.
  3. jordanfanatic23

    SUPPORT A NT'ER! - Tony $an$ & Cellous Knight - B.N.B x T.V - DOWNLOAD LINK UP

    Here's the tape yall, download away, all support is appreciated. Tony $an$ & Cellous Knight - B.N.B x T.V shouts to Half Amazin on the artwork. Thanks again mayne. here's a few leaks: Put You In The Air Mafia Music Freestyle Roll Up R.W.I ft CnC dueces.  
  4. jordanfanatic23

    So I'm in San Antonio, TX visiting from L.A..

    And im waiting for my whip to get fixed, sittin bored as hell at jack in the box. Basically, do any S.A heads know whats poppin out here on a a Tues??
  5. jordanfanatic23

    Yall dudes is lazy! CRITIQUE THIS...B.N.B x T.V - This Beat & Sincerely

    2 tracks off the B.N.B x T.V mixtape ft. me, Tony Sans and my dude Cell. The whole thing should be out by the end of the month/beginning of Sept, no lie this thing will be MASSIVE. Just need some feedback, thanks. Sincerely: Sincerely.m4a This Beat: This Beat.m4a oh yea im 1st on Sincerely btw.
  6. jordanfanatic23

    Nipsey Hu$$le - The Hussle Way

    i dont know if i can post a link but this is . beat is monstrous and Nip does his thing.
  7. jordanfanatic23

    SoCal heads, got DAMN it's hot outside!!!

    99 degrees in L.A, and 95 where im at in Carson right now The weather gives an excuse to stay inside and for 420
  8. jordanfanatic23

    Happy 4/20 Everyone...

  9. jordanfanatic23

    So NT, I'm now proud Father...

    She was born over the weekend, Saturday 4/4 at 3:23 am, shes's 7lbs 40z, Guatemalan, Black and Mexican and her name's London Sariah. Man that wasthe craziest experience of my life being in that delivery room, i was seeing the whole thing up close, straight HD status . I'm in love tho, lil mama...
  10. jordanfanatic23

    Real Talk, do you wipe your tip after you pee?

    nh of course, but am i the only one that wipes after i pee? i mean lowkey, if you don't that's nasty , the "shake" doesnt cut it. you know damn well there be excess peedripping after. i'd suggest starting if you don't do so already, it makes you feel much more cleaner and your shorty won't have...
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