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  1. finesse style


    first time posting a collection here and i wanted to be unique. ive seen jersey collections before, but im looking to see how much you support your team. iwant to see jerseys of retired or traded players ONLY! i have a hardaway jersey too, but i let my friend borrow it for the last game we went...
  2. finesse style

    has anyone balled in the low retro xi's?

    im in need of some new basketball shoes and these jordans are really tempting. however, i dont trust the retro aspect and the fact that its low. consideringthat the season ends in a few months, should i get these jordans for playing or stick to something else? fyi, i play small forward and i...
  3. finesse style


    no hate. no discrimination. no steroid comments. Just love from the bay, I support you all the way! Looking for a connection at Kicks/ Hawaii, Pegasus, Cap City, Goodfoot, Goliath etc. I will hook you up with Huf, UpperPlayground, True, Hatclub, or whatever you need. PM me please.
  4. finesse style

    best tattoo shop near frisco

    hey guys, im getting a tattoo next weekend. no backing out for me. price is not an option either. i get paid 2moro and i wanna drop it on my very first tattoo. so give me some advice, especially since i will probably need to set up an appointment. i was looking for the old tattoo topic, but i...
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