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  1. polobimmer

    Going to Aruba in 2 Weeks....What to expect?

    So im headed to Aruba in 2 weeks to stay at the Riu Palace Antillas all inclusive.....and i have a few questions - Can you leave the resort and not worry about being robbed and kidnapped? :p - How much spending money will i need for 6 days? - How hard to find tony and pals? - How are the women...
  2. polobimmer

    Jordan Jeter "RE2PECT" shirt

    Does anybody currently have this shirt and can help me out with sizing....runs big ? small ? TTS ? thanks in advance :D
  3. polobimmer

    Going to Punta Canta next week what can i expect???

    so im going to punta cana next tuesday for a week and am staying at the Paridisus Resort....never been to DR in my life so what can i expect? any help is appreciated including those that have actually been there
  4. polobimmer

    rate my collection

  5. polobimmer

    anyone else going to grand opening house of hoops BUFFALO today?

    never been to one and finally my crappy city gets something good should i expect any past releases dropping for the grand opening?
  6. polobimmer

    pf changs at home meals....any good????

    never been to pf changs since there isnt any around here but are these any good?
  7. polobimmer

    Whats the cheapest way to ship international (france)?

    So I sold a hoodie on ebay and the winner was from France. I charged him 25.00 dollars for shipping....Was this not enough? Also can i fit a hoodie into a small flat rate international box because that only costs $13.50? thanks in advance
  8. polobimmer

    so i got some new rims....opinions???

    i decided to go with 19x8.5 breyton race gtps......what yall think???? and yes it needs to be lowered thats next
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