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  1. ishmikeyaheard

    Do you get naked to take a dump?

    when i'm at home i usually get naked to take a dump, don't do that in public tho. family members thought it was weird that i took a dump naked... anybody else out there get naked to take a dump?
  2. ishmikeyaheard

    Where to find the Pitbull vs Drag-On battle?

    so i was watching when i was 17 on mtv and i saw that pitbull battled drag-on for 8 rounds when pitbull was an extra for their video shoot a while back. did a quick search on the internet for th battle and couldnt find it. anybody ever heard of this battle and know where to find it?
  3. ishmikeyaheard

    Help with tough interview questions!

    with graduation going on and people are starting to look for jobs, i thought it would be a good idea to make a thread answering some difficult interview questions. some questions that come to mind are.... what are your strength and weaknesses, and name a tough situation you've been in and how...
  4. ishmikeyaheard

    Super Bowl Parties?

    heading down to miami friday which spots to hit up? anybody has any hookups to the clubs down there?
  5. ishmikeyaheard

    CapSim/Capstone Vent

    Anybody here taking Strategic Management in college and has to be involved in doing CapSim/Capstone? I'm doing it now and just wanted to vent on how awfulthis program is. Can't seem to make a profit in this simulation....
  6. ishmikeyaheard

    What to do in Tampa Bay?

    here in tampa bay for labor day weekend... what is there for nightlife here? i heard ybor city is poppin. went to the hard rock casino yesterday.. what elseshould i do?
  7. ishmikeyaheard

    Where to find cheap customized football jereseys?

    trying to make some football jerseys for my flag football team. where can i find a place that sells jerseys for cheap?
  8. ishmikeyaheard

    Is it ok to ask a cop to see his radar?

    got pulled over by campus police today because he said i was going 35 in a 20...i know i wasnt going 35 in a 20 but i just accepted the ticket. not only did hegive me a ticket, he called for backup while writing my ticket. not saying racism, but two white cops and i'm asian
  9. ishmikeyaheard

    Name Movies I Need to Watch

    Summer time is here, 1 week before summer school starts. Name some movies that I need to watch. Old school or New School movies is fine. No chick flicks please
  10. ishmikeyaheard

    Best Online Site to play Poker?

    whats the best site to play online poker? which one has the quickest payout?
  11. ishmikeyaheard

    What are you doing up?

    procrastinated... now i gotta finish writing my paper and study for my stats test thats all due tmrw
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