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  1. sheardiboy

    Take a listen to this. (Help me categorize this genre)

    Reading Hip Hop Since 1987 and saw this post.
  2. sheardiboy

    Feelin' a song at a party or a club but .....

    not knowing what its called or remembering enough of the lyrics to find it un-appreciation.
  3. sheardiboy

    Where is the website list? Vol. Yuku search is a joke.

    I can't believe I'm having trouble finding that huge list of all those shoe websites but I am.
  4. sheardiboy

    Laser Burn Un-Appreciation Vol. Every kids nightmare

    Copped 2K10 on Black Friday for 25 at Walmart. Last night my boy wasbull %%**$$% around dribbling a ball and we found out the hard way that dude has no handles. Ball bounced off his foot and smacked the 360. Then we heard it.The crackling and racket inside the system. And that's when that...
  5. sheardiboy

    Registering for Spring Semester Appreciation

    Feels so good when you get all the classes you need, at the exact time you want. Then to top it off Ratemyprofessors assures you that your professors are. It's going to be a good Spring Semester.
  6. sheardiboy

    Three plus Appreciation

    This has me ready to hop on a plane to the Islands right now.
  7. sheardiboy

    R.I.P 2004 Toyota Solara

    I woke up to this.Drunk driver, with suspended license and no insurance smacked me sending my car from the red fire line all the way to where it is now. My car hit two cars before coming to a halt. Probably totaled. We'll find out tomorrow.
  8. sheardiboy

    Budden has his work cut out for him...

    With all these people dying, expect a handful of related punchlines from Joey. I'm suprised we haven't heard one yet, or maybe we have.
  9. sheardiboy

    History Heads

    After Native Americans but prior to Europeans...... The Vikings reached the New World about 500 years before Columbus. Why weren't the Vikings successful?How did they make contact but were unable to keep it?
  10. sheardiboy

    Can Chris Brown sing????

  11. sheardiboy

    College Appreciation

    List every posiitive thing about your semester so far whether it's academic or not.  
  12. sheardiboy

    Devry University Gaming Tournament.

    2216 Kausen Drive Elk Grove, CA So Play-N-Trade is hosting a tournament there and I was wondering if anyone is going to it, and what games will be played there.
  13. sheardiboy

    Photoshop Lebron IV & V

    I remember there being a lot of photoshops with some very nice colorways , and just wanted some of those to be posted again. Thank you. Have a nice day.
  14. sheardiboy

    Hardest sample in a beat?

    To list a few- 1. Girl you know- Scarface 2. One night only- Lil Wayne 3. Wouldn't get far- The Game
  15. sheardiboy

    Zoom Air verona SB Custom (Lace up)

    $6.43 at a local tool shop. 1/8 hollow punch. (Weapon of choice) Before Middle End :D s when the...
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