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  1. young safari

    Viacom Ends Decades Long Relationship With Nick Cannon Because “White People Are Evil”

    Duh, Hotep means peace... And Yes, the tenets of Abrahamic faiths were indeed founded in Kemet, as well as monotheism.
  2. young safari

    Viacom Ends Decades Long Relationship With Nick Cannon Because “White People Are Evil”

    We all know by now all Abrahamic religions were founded in Kemet tho right? "Hotep" is a quirky moniker but the knowledge and science is built on a solid foundation.
  3. young safari

    Black Celebrities and Anti-Semitism

    It seems people are been confusing stating the truth with being hateful. The truth needs to come to light even if it offends people.
  4. young safari

    RIP George Floyd

  5. young safari

    Fools Wildin Thinking They Doing It Unappreciation Vol Get The @#*+ out

    He not running as a democrat tho
  6. young safari

    RIP George Floyd

    Just got back from Chaz, it might be the most lit place in America right now. Mural painting on the streets, free drinks and pizzas being passed around, live music, ppl camping out In the park and even growing some food. After I left they started a poetry session addressing oppression and...
  7. young safari

    ~~~~| Celebrities Rockin Heat (Fly gear/Fly kicks) VOL. IV | ~~~~

    Every time I see that pic of MJ playing beer pong I'm thinking about the violation of having his elbow over the table :lol:
  8. young safari

    Really KFC?

    The beyond Meat KFC collab actually looks fire and a blessing for chickens everywhere. I think its only in Atlanta right now but I want to try it. - Young
  9. young safari

    Denver decriminalizes 'magic mushrooms'

    Shrooms are a great experience and I think should be done as an adult once annually. I wouldn't suggest partying or anything on it - being in a great environment with great people will manifest the best results. The shrooms activate your mind in a most amazing way and are helpful and setting you...
  10. young safari

    The Case Against Adnan Sayed: 4 Part HBO Docuseries

    So the cops definitely made Jay talk to not go to jail and convict Adnan
  11. young safari

    The Case Against Adnan Sayed: 4 Part HBO Docuseries

    The case is so crazy and bizarre I think Jay set the whole **** up, he knows how to finesse the law and did it
  12. young safari

    Kanye West: King of the Sunken Place, "Watch the Throne"

    Lift yourself is fire!
  13. young safari

    Official DragonBall Z Thread.

    17 def gettin offed in the next episode Frieze still in the cut tho :nerd:
  14. young safari

    Someone Blow My Mind Vol. Illuminati, 2012, Aliens, Life

    Sounds like Drinky Crow, it's a cartoon that came on Adult Swim a few years ago. Good luck with ur check up on Wednesday 128591127998
  15. young safari

    Black Twitter Not Happy With Jerry Rice

    The problem really is WHY tho? You Jerry Rice bruh, I know you're rich. Why are you doing this bafoonery to make extra money and soil your name? The answer is greed. Greed and delicious fried chicken.
  16. young safari

    Complete meltdown of humanity occurring in Syria

    The cycle will never end until we decide to put our guns down
  17. young safari

    What are some Green lights that make you notice a woman???

    Face Personality Body In that order
  18. young safari

    LIL Wayne dismisses BLM

    Free C5
  19. young safari

    Just here posting a classic... vol. NT

    One time I thought I was cool and was talking mad ish on HT... little did I know HT detectives found my MySpace, started posting my pics and clowning on me hah I thought I was untouchable
  20. young safari


    Ayeee NBA patch skinnys :hat :hat
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