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  1. m1dnightmobster

    NT Fam: Help Me and You Get Money

    NT, My class is doing consumer research on car buying behavior among Gen Y-ers. If you fill out this ten-question screening survey, and then if you're chosen to participate in the focus group, you could win a $25 gift card for Just hit this link...
  2. m1dnightmobster


    NT, why is this messageboard a cess pool for hatred and insults? Why can't we just love each other instead of using each other as expense for lulz? Real talk though, hate only hurts the hater. That's mainly why this messageboard is on the downslide, because of the hateful environment. now...
  3. m1dnightmobster

    NT: I Want To Take Advantage of the Internet

    not with porn, but with information. I'm tired of looking at the same websites that kill brain cells. post some websites that increase knowledge and help exercise your intelligence
  4. m1dnightmobster

    NT: 1 Billion Internet Users...

    but the number of of hungry people worldwide will also hit a billion this year. if you can, give a dollar. it really does make a difference.
  5. m1dnightmobster


    I have a reason to live again.
  6. m1dnightmobster

    Black People, Are We Full of Ourselves?

    I mean, yeah, back in the day we had to have high self-esteem to combat the constant negativity hurled against us, but now adays, a lot of us have HUGE egos and are self-absorbed. How many other races have nicknames in their facebook names? Look at our music, all we talk about is what we have...
  7. m1dnightmobster

    Kid Cudi feat. Chip Tha Ripper - All Talk

    All flames Cudi has come into his own. LOL @ him sounding like Nicki Minaj for a hot second in the beginning Chip tha Ripper came nice as well: "My b_ can take yo' b_ home with her" courtesy of Hypetrak KiD CuDi featuring Chip Tha Ripper & Christian Bale – All Talk by Hypetrak
  8. m1dnightmobster

    NT: Who Still Watches Cartoons? Vol. South Park and Family Guy Don't Count

    Yo, who still watches cartoons? I used to watch Spongebob but after awhile the episodes got wack. Now, I'm watching Cartoon Network. Adventure Time is THAT cartoon. They got cartoons having parties, passing beers Adventure Time Flapjack Chowder (sometimes)
  9. m1dnightmobster

    Official "Say Something Positive About The Person Above You"

    Say something positive about the person above you. That's it. I'll say somethin positive about Dirty since I'm first. You're quite intelligent, Dirty.
  10. m1dnightmobster

    This Guy's Hair, I Want It Vol. No, It's Not Kanye

    How do I go about getting this look (guy on the left)? So far, I'm wolfin it and have grown my hair out. I also got it lined up, but how do I get the organized nappy look?
  11. m1dnightmobster

    Hear Ye, Hear Ye: I M1dnightMobster, Set For a Motion To Limit .GIFS

    It's funny, yes. But when every other post is a .gif and there's no actual words being said, it gets annoying. Then you have mad people replying "great execution." So how bout it mods, limit the number of gifs someone can post (if that's even possible) *cue Baltimore's gif reply and some other...
  12. m1dnightmobster

    NT: Gentlemen's Summit

    Lately, NT has been flooded with DAT MASS pictures and stuff like "NO SIMPIN!" Time to bring the Gentlemen back. All those will like-minded sentiments, come in. In the end, loving your wife > sexing some jump off
  13. m1dnightmobster

    And That's BAD meaning BAD, not BAD meaning GOOD!

    Cons ripped this and so did 'Ye. I miss this kind of music from Kanye. Hopefully he delivers with his next album. As for Cons, I need to check out the new mixtape.
  14. m1dnightmobster

  15. m1dnightmobster

    Ch-Ch-Chopped and Screwed Vol. Not the Song

    Yo, can someone put me up on some Chopped and Screwed albums or mixtapes. I want the best of the best. I'm talking classics.
  16. m1dnightmobster

    Google Chrome Extensions Vol. Extenze

    First off, Google Chrome with Extensions > All Second, what extensions are y'all using? If you don't have it, get FastestChrome - gives you infinite scrolling so I don't have to hit 'Page 2' on NT, it auto-loads and I just scroll down For school: StayFocusd = golden
  17. m1dnightmobster

    The Game - Shake

    If I'm late...oh well. I don't usually look for The Game's music anymore but this song is more than a problem.
  18. m1dnightmobster


  19. m1dnightmobster

    NT Grammar Convention

    The question I pose to you all is how important is grammar, really? It's come to the point where I hate coming to NT because I feel like I'm dumbing myself down by reading some of these posts. And if anyone tries to correct someone - you know, to help them out - that person gets upset. So...
  20. m1dnightmobster

    My NT Brothas, Help Me Explore My Options Vol. Dead or In Jail

    Alright, so I've been rockin' the low-cut Caesar since I left the womb. I tried the afro for a bit, but I wanna know what else can I do with my hair? I'm not trying to get braids or dreads. I'm thinking about the Eric Benet or a short Lenny Kravitz type-cut. Any other options? Also, how do I...
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