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  1. cycy9204

    Nike Air Max Plus Thread

    Damn Euro/Asia exclusives....Orange ones are tho
  2. cycy9204

    Outlet quality?

    I always thought outlets sold stuff that didn't sell well? If there is a defect I think it should be marked as such?
  3. cycy9204

    My black/red/gold elites

    Nice! NikeID needs to come to Canada...
  4. cycy9204

    custom nike frees

    nice summer color. Cleaning them might be a pain tho...
  5. cycy9204

    Anyone know where I can get these Nike LDV at?

    sub'd. Bottom pair is
  6. cycy9204

    Nike Air Pegasus ALL NEW MODELS 30, 31, 32 and up

    Not digging the look. Will have to try it on and see how performance is
  7. cycy9204

    BE CAREFUL!!! Bad Nike Quality

    Are we really surprised at this point? Come on JB...
  8. cycy9204

    Best running shoes?

    Asics, Saucony, or Mizuno. I currently run in my Mizuno Enigma's and I love them
  9. cycy9204

    A little help? Dying some Pearl Foams.

    Good luck!
  10. cycy9204

    Air Jordan 1 Mid – July 2013 Preview

    Do we seriously need another 3 CWs of these? c'mon...
  11. cycy9204

    am 95 sunset

  12. cycy9204

    Nike debt collectors?

    First time seeing this...duly noted
  13. cycy9204

    Nike Solarsoft Mule/Woven Slides Thread

    They seem to be comfy. Any idea on price?
  14. cycy9204

    Custom / DIY Corks --documented with photos

    Fantastic work! Very talented with your hands
  15. cycy9204

    Help Identifying these Nikes?

    I think they do indeed look like vortex's. Nice summer CW too
  16. cycy9204


    That Gif just made my day
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