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  1. digitalo22

    World's Biggest Online Tournament EVER! Vol. Pokerstars

    Any NT'ers registering to play in the tournament? Starts today at 2:10pm/EST : 11:10am/PST 58K members signed up already.
  2. digitalo22

    DOOM Speaks On The Imposter Situation.

    Taken from a recent interview... HipHopDX: So just to get it out of the way, can you address the recent scandal where you were allegedly sending an impostor to perform inyour mask at DOOM concerts? DOOM: [Laughs] Alright. Here's how I...
  3. digitalo22

    Anyone Been To An ING Direct Cafe?

    I've passed by the one on Santa Monica & the 405 fwy many times but have never been inside. It looks like just a regular coffee shop and I don'tdrink coffee, but I'm wondering if they offer full banking services. Can I walk in there and pull out cash from my savings account?
  4. digitalo22

    Old School Fridays [VIDS]

    Yo we takin' it back to the 20th a video of some old school, classic joint that was either slept or has been forgotten about, or just postsomething classic you haven't heard in a while. Let's try to keep this pre 2000...I'll start it of with... Group Home 'Superstar'
  5. digitalo22

    Do you buy or sell on Craigslist?

    I've never really purchased anything off of craigslist, and I recently just started selling on Craigslist for the first time. I put a large DJ type speaker for sale considering I want to do a local pickup on this item due to it's size and weight. Now, you figure selling DJEquipment would be...
  6. digitalo22

    Crane Collapses in Mid-Town Manhattan killing 4
  7. digitalo22

    Any Bars In LA Showing The U.F.C. Fight? Vol. Silva Vs. Henderson

    Anybody know of any bars in the Los Angeles area that will be showing the Silva Vs. Henderson fight? I was planning on going out to drink tomorrow night anyway and I remembered about the fight, so that would be a nice added bonus. I haven't seen a UFC PPV event in a while and would like to...
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