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  1. innovativeone

    eBay help! Vol. Their accusing me of being a deadbeat seller w/ multiple accts!

    Has anyone had any experience with eBay accusing you as a seller of having ANOTHER eBay account with either unscrupulous activity and/or eBay fees not paid?  They've now suspended my account until I clear up a SUPPOSED "other account" (which is NOT mine..they are accusing me of it being mine). ...
  2. innovativeone


    Probably a repost at this point. Article is a year old, but who cares. A certain NT member on here forced my hand in posting.... I feel it's a fairlyaccurate list when it comes to iconic cars. Certain cars like the BMW M5 (E39) and the Porsche 959 should be on the list. I hope EVO will...
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