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  1. gusyouout

    First the bomb scare at Hillsdale High, now...

    a shooting at Skyline College . I know some people who go there, buthaven't checked to see if they're okay yet. Doesn't seem like it's too bad though. I don't think anyone died and it might not even be some random attack. Maybe just something personal withthe one guy? Either way it's not cool...
  2. gusyouout

    Poker Rant Thread

    I'm thinking we need one of these. I know a decent amount of people play poker here, and you guys probably take bad beats like me. You can post yourstories to vent because I know how much it sucks to take a bad beat and everyone needs to vent sometimes. Just installed Full Tilt like two hours...
  3. gusyouout

    FTL, FA, and Champs F&F 30% off April 30 - May 2

    I was on slickdeals and someone said there's another F&F from the 30th to the 2nd. Is this true? They just had one not too long ago and also had theemployee appreciation recently. If this is true then I'm hoping for another pair of Griffey's . EDIT: changed the title EDIT: Coupons, courtesy of...
  4. gusyouout

    Xbox 360 or PS3?

    I need help. I've been contemplating this for a while, but I still can't decide. I'm finally going to get one, but they both have their advantages(and disadvantages) so I'm pretty stuck in the middle. (BTW, I know there are official threads, but I wanted opinions from both sides and people...
  5. gusyouout

    Official: Warriors @ Jazz 6:00 PM Pacific

    Courtesy of
  6. gusyouout

    GilIIZero (Gil 20's)

    didn't see this posted and it's up on, and here's one pic and the release dates on his blog: i can't say much because of the one pic, but i'm interested to see what the mids will look like and how the other color combos look like. and doessomeone...
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