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  1. wildout4

    Has Anyone Ever Sold Something With Paypal And It Was Shipped To A Reshipper?

    Someone wanted to purchase something from me thru Paypal and I noticed that their account was "Non-US - Verified" When I received the payment the address was being shipped to a reshipper. Im guessing someone from another country is trying to purchase and get it shipped to them by somebody else...
  2. wildout4

    DS Nike Foamposite Eggplant Size 11.5

    DS Eggplant Foamposites for sale Size 11.5 Dropped in 2009 Asking for $330 obo Payment by paypal or So Cal meetup Shipped double boxed email at or PM
  3. wildout4

    What Do We Kno About Rittz???

    dude can really spit. he got any mixtapes out?
  4. wildout4


    shoutout to the NT hall monitors out there
  5. wildout4

    Ke$ha at the Beach

    *NSFW* [/spoiler]
  6. wildout4

    Anybody Get That New Statik Selektah - The Hangover?

    i think it dropped today. i havent listened to the whole thing yet but the homie kali is on it. track is called "walking away". its pretty
  7. wildout4

    Cheapest Place I Can Find White/White AF1 Lows?

    anybody know any places? real ones.
  8. wildout4

    Don't Go Starting Trouble If You Really Don't Want It

    @ my dude reggie bush DOIN WORK
  9. wildout4

    Niketalk Jam Of The Week

  10. wildout4

    President Bush: Automakers to get $17.4 BILLION

  11. wildout4

    Slow Motion Punches To The Face

    maybe late, maybe not
  12. wildout4

    When It Comes to Chargers, Is a Hemi Really That Serious???

    i was just having an argument with a fellow NTer on this topic. i say i wouldnt buy a charger/magnum/300 if it didnt have a hemi and he says that a charger isa charger. so basically would you rather drive a rt or srt-8 that is stock to the bone or a base model charger that has 22s and a system.
  13. wildout4

    Michael Vick co-defendant Tony Taylor released from prison after 2-month sentence;_ylt=AtNDMX15CXGBFKXP0OxyhAAdsLYF?slug=ap-vickco-defendant&prov=ap&type=lgns
  14. wildout4

    What Is The Best Sprint Phone Besides........

    .....the mogul???? im looking for a pda/smart phone. which is the best of the group???
  15. wildout4

    Anybody Know Any Honda Techs In Socal????

    i know theres a lot of car heads on this board, especially in socal. anybody friends with any techs at a dealership? im tryna get rid of the seat belt alarm on my car.
  16. wildout4

    If You Didn't Already Think Tow Trucks Were Fast and Sneaky..........

    now theres tow motorcycles???? well atleast in asia. here it is in action
  17. wildout4

    Whats Your Favorite Non-Biggie Bad Boy Song???

    I think mines ''24 hours to live''
  18. wildout4

    Do You Owe Anybody/Place Money????

    I think I owe 24 hour fitness like 77 bucks. they used to charge me monthly and outta nowhere they stopped. so when I call to cancel they hit me with thebalance. I really don't want to pay but will this effect my credit? I used my banks debit/credit card when they started charging me.
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