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  1. coach js

    Official Air Jordan 1 Retro High Thread Vol: Best Model/Thread

    flossin at 5........days old
  2. coach js

    Jordan Retro 18 Black/Sports Royal - 10/11/18

    wanted the white ones, but they sold too fast and are reselling for too much. always loved the 18s though
  3. coach js

    Doernbecher 2020

    no wheats in this photo?!?!?!
  4. coach js

    Air Jordan 13 "Flint" May 30, 2020

    Forgot the photo lol.....
  5. coach js

    Air Jordan 13 "Flint" May 30, 2020

    He'll be here any day now. But, his shoe collection started soon as we found out the sex.
  6. coach js

    Air Jordan 17+ Retro "Copper" - The Aftermath - NO BUYING/SELLING/TRADING

    only wore my cooper retros a couple times. love the shoe. very comfortable. but, it's the only shoe I have that I wish I half sized up. I'm a 10 in everything nike. should've got 10.5 in these. but, I never really broke them in. still almost ds lol
  7. coach js

    Military blue 4s in 2021

    06s. really a terrible release. but I love militaries. 2 minimum if/when released
  8. coach js

    AJ IV Paris Saint-Germain

    psg 6 was amazing. was going to be hard to top that shoe anyway. I love 4s, but these are not a must have for me. i like the military 4 color blocking tho.
  9. coach js

    Air Jordan 13 "Flint" May 30, 2020

    got a 10 pretty easy. toddler is giving me trouble. supposedly I have a size 4 toddler from footlocker. we'll see
  10. coach js

    Air Jordan 1 X Dior

    thank u
  11. coach js

    Air Jordan 1 X Dior

    wait...what raffle? I want these bad. I just know its impossible. any help though would be greatly appreciated
  12. coach js

    Air Jordan V retro OG - Nike Air - Fire Red/Silver tongue - May 2, 2020

    DSG shipped Saturday and arrived today. wow, ***** nike
  13. coach js

    AJ IV Paris Saint-Germain

    grocery getters for today
  14. coach js

    Beware: Nike accounts have been hacked!!!

    my hacker was also from UK. I was able to stop transaction and all is hood for me tho...thankfully
  15. coach js

    Beware: Nike accounts have been hacked!!!

    same happened to me. nike is my one and only hack tho. so it didn't come thru stockx for me
  16. coach js


    I love the hoyle retro. really really want the Robinson 180s. I'd even possibly double on those
  17. coach js

    2020 NIKE SB DUNK THREAD_____GRs and QSs added

    go cuse. want this retro. what's the release date?
  18. coach js

    NIKE ACG thread

    what's the mowabb that had the lil man mowing the lawn on them. I believe this image was on the bottom. shoe I'm referring to released around 1992, 93?
  19. coach js

    The Air Jordan XV OG Black/Red returns Spring 2017

    I have flints and thought they were the best colorway. also got them on deep disco from eastbay. still rock them from time to time. i think i liked 15s just cuz noone else did lol. never got the retros though cuz they dont have forefoot air. pissed me off so bad
  20. coach js

    Nike Air VaporMax

    old man challenges. oh well
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