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  1. King21Rich

    Back in the city for a week...need some help!!!

    So I know this is a long shot, but does anybody know of any spots that might still have Kobe cloaks?? I know HOH dead, and I'm sure NT is too...any help is appreciated tho!!
  2. King21Rich

    Need help purchasing a new car!!!

    Aight so my wife is finally getting her new car and she could not be more excited...with the POS blazer she's been driving I dont blame her. ( Sidenote: how the %@## can you call a 2 door, 2wd, back seats dont fold down with a sub box in the back an SUV?) Anyways, she is getting a certified 2009...
  3. King21Rich

    Aight NT, I need Car help???

    Aight so its summer time, which for some means time to bring the new whips out. Now unlike most NTers, I can't afford Supercharged Ranges or M3s, but Im looking for a nice dependable whip for the wife. So we started our search a couple months ago looking at the Volvo XC90 found a nice 2008, but...
  4. King21Rich

    NT do any of y'all own Pit Bulls??? I need some help!!

    So I might be gettin a pit puppy this weekend but I'm a little nervous about it. I know these dogs get a bad rap but from my readings they are actuallypretty friendly if raised correctly and properly trained. I know they are very protective and loyal which is what I want in a dog, cuz he's gonna...
  5. King21Rich

    NT school me real quick??? Video embedding

    How do u embed video from youtube right into your post?? somebody school me T E A M M I D W E S T 847 to the 614 Chi to the Bus Sell me your DS size 13: Foamposite Ones Playoff XII AF1 inside out phillipino
  6. King21Rich

    New Boutique in Columbus, Very Sick!!

    Yo I was in the short north and I came across this new sneaker boutique called Sole Classics. Def a nice little boutique carry vans vaults and crooks and castle and some sick addias. Just a head up check em out on high and warren! might be my new hang out spot!haha T E A M M I D W E S T 847 to...
  7. King21Rich

    Columbus Nters! 07 Artists to Watch

    Congrats to my homeboy the Catalyst, 07 is bout to be Thought Sets year for all you CO NTers check out the Columbus Alive Artist to watch showcase tomorrow at Skullys. Free show for everyone 18+ and not only do you get to see the best of ohio rap they got some other dope bands you need to check...
  8. King21Rich

    Columbus, OH Nter's Check In!!!

    Just seein who's reppin the bus! T E A M M I D W E S T 847 to the 614 Chi to the Bus
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