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  1. nkwu11

    Price Check - 2011 White Cement 3?

  2. nkwu11

    Hidden messages in shoes?

    I just tore my old beaters apart and found my P-Rod 2s had an Alexander the Great quote embedded in the shank of the shoe ("there is nothing impossible 3to him who will try") I'm pretty sure there are hidden messages in other shoes (pretty sure I read in an interview the Tre had something...
  3. nkwu11

    |||-------RIP Goodfoot 2003-2010 / Goodfoot Appreciation Post-------|||

    So, Goodfoot is officially closed come yesterday (?) RIP to Goodfoot. It's sorta sad to see them go, especially 'cause of when and the part they played in defining the "culture" here in Toronto. They played a significant part in my sneaker obsession over the years. They will be missed. ...
  4. nkwu11

    Request: Methamphibian Archives?

    Does anyone have an archive of all Meth's shoes? I found a thread from a while ago but the pics are all dead and his site doesn't have large picturesand it seems like some are missing. Aside from the archives, I'm specifically looking for a picture of the shoe Methamphibian did with Nike. If I...
  5. nkwu11

    Exam Crashing

    So.... this just happened where I go to school... any similar stories?
  6. nkwu11

    ---Best V-Necks???---

    I've been looking for some v-necks for a while now and my guy in HK can't find any Uniqlo ones anymore... Anyone got any good v-neck brands ot there(ie. a V-neck that isn't remotely deep)? Do any of the typical (AAA, ProClub or whoever else) make quality v-necks? *waits for extraneous...
  7. nkwu11

    Converse Jack Purcell Fit?

    Hey, Can anyone let me know the fit on these? Especially compared to chucks.? In chucks I have to go a whole size down for Highs. thanks
  8. nkwu11

    CBC: "Sneaker Confidential" March 13

    Just a heads up. They did the same thing on jeans recently too. Looks like CBC did a little doc on our whole.."Sneaker Culture" If you're interested and miss it you can stream it online. It's on at: Thursday March 13, 2008 at 8pm on CBC-TV...
  9. nkwu11

    How does the AM 360 II run?

    Hey, I was planning on buying a pair online. I was originally gonna get a size 9(my true), but I was wondering if they run small or big? I read somewhere I should go a size up, but that makes me a bit doubtful Thanks formerly shoeWUfreak
  10. nkwu11

    --Russell Peters--

    Who's going tonight? Can't wait. formerly shoeWUfreak
  11. nkwu11

    Las Vegas: Where to Buy STFs?

    Where to buy Levis 501 STFs in Vegas? For cheap(er)? formerly shoeWUfreak
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