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  1. mco85

    VNDS size 11 French Blue 12

    Ive worn these less than 5 times. $250 shipped. Comes with original box and retro card
  2. mco85

    DS black/silver foamposite pro size 10.5

    DS. $300 shipped OBO. Comes with original box. More pics available upon request.
  3. mco85

    DS 2007 Royal Foamposite one

    DS, 2007 release. $400 shipped OBO. Comes with orignal box, more pic available upon request.
  4. mco85

    DS 2006 black toe XIV. Size 10.5

    DS, comes with original box, retro card. $250 shipped OBO. Size 10.5
  5. mco85

    DS 10.5 2010 copper foamposites

    DS, 2010 realease. Comes in orignial box
  6. mco85

    DS 2009 Eggplant Foamposite Ones

    DS, size 10.5, 2009 release. $300 shipped OBO. More pics available if needed
  7. mco85

    DS 10.5 Kobe 1

    DS original Kobe 1. Size 10.5. Comes with original box. $275 shipped OBO. More pics available upon request
  8. mco85

    DS 2006 Fire Red V

    DS 2006 fire red V's $275 shipped OBO. More pics available upon request. PM me with offers
  9. mco85

    Moving to Jacksonville Fl

    Whats up NT, I'm going to be moving to Jacksonville Fl in the next couple of months, anybody have any recs on where to live? Looking to spend $900-$1100 a month
  10. mco85

    The Undertaker appreciation

    I was just flipping through my channels and Raw late night was on, first time Ive seen that show in like 5 years and the Undertaker is so lame now. Back in the90's this dude had me afraid at night. He had so many good story lines.
  11. mco85

    First 48 appreciation

    Anybody else watch this show? Its crazy how you can get murderers to confess by just saying "Talk to me man, I know you hurting"
  12. mco85

    Best Of 2008

    With 2008 coming to a close, post you best things of 2008. Mine: Best Movie - The Dark Knight Best Album - Ice Cube's Raw Footage Best Shoe - Hyperdunks
  13. mco85

    Mac users come in...

    Any Mac users have their hard drive crash recently. I've had my mac for a year and I had to get the hard drive replaced this week. I know 4 people in thelast 2 weeks that this has happened to. Is there anything I can do to stop it from happening again?
  14. mco85

    So I took the L

    This was so embarrassing. My school small group was at a hospital room, practicing interviewing patients. So its me, 5 of my classmates and two professors. Onegirl is interviewing the patient and the rest of us are standing around observing. The room was hella hot, I started to get real dizzy...
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