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  1. ill w1lliam

    Post your YouTube Channel + a video from it

    A friend and I started a YouTube channel called str8Randomness Click here to see are videos and subscribe! Basically it's about whatever we feel like posting. We are trying to make at least 1 video every two weeks. I made a video on how I cook bacon. I know a lot of people cook it in a pan but...
  2. ill w1lliam

    Collection Video iLLW1LLiam- It's been a while

    Been on a hiatus from NT for about two years. Member on here for over 10 years. I was formally HeyImWill11, then HeyImWill11ataoldotcom (), then ThatBayBoy11. I think I've done two shoe collection posts in that time. I can't remember the last time I posted, I've been active on Twitter. A friend...
  3. ill w1lliam

    Offical Droid Thread? Vol. No Evo/iDropcalls here

    Who got a Motorola Droid? I got the Droid X the other day.
  4. ill w1lliam

    Why hasn't there been a WNBA Live?

  5. ill w1lliam

    Anybody get the Droid X today?

    I've been waiting for it to come out, got to the store a little late but managed to get the last one. Cool story huh bro?
  6. ill w1lliam

    Roscoe Dash

    Can't lie for a new artist he's not that bad
  7. ill w1lliam

    Did today suck or what?

    It was pretty sucky today wasn't it?
  8. ill w1lliam

    Is Lil Wayne a real blood?

    Or is he a real fake blood?
  9. ill w1lliam

    I got it at Ross

    "last years styles irregular stitchin"  
  10. ill w1lliam

    Bow wow BEEN HAD spitters

  11. ill w1lliam

    Do you keep birthday cards people give you?

    Do you keep birthday cards people give you? Or throw them out? I know people that keep them and I know some that throw them out. I used to keep them but then I realized whats the point? I been throwing them out.
  12. ill w1lliam

    How much do dance club owners make?

    How much do dance club owners make? How much you think you'd need to invest into a dance club?
  13. ill w1lliam

    Button down shirts

    Anybody notice that the new Mishka button downs look like old Southpole button downs? SMH...its funny.
  14. ill w1lliam

    Post your Twitpic/Tweetphoto account
  15. ill w1lliam

    Anybody watch Jimmy Fallon on Friday? LMAO

    I accidentally DVDRed it so I watched it and saw it Sorry if posted.
  16. ill w1lliam

    Free online Mircosoft job training for Californians DONT SLEEP

    Gov. Schwarzenegger Unveils Partnership with Microsoft to Offer Job Training to Californians Over 160,000 Vouchers will Provide Californians with Free Technology Training Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger today announced that California will join forces with Microsoft to provide free technology...
  17. ill w1lliam

    How do you manage your time?

    For those that aren't busy all the time with work/school. How do you manage your time?
  18. ill w1lliam

    What to do with 7 years worth of Eastbays?

    I got a stack of Eastbays from 2003 and up. What should I do with them? Anybody collect them?
  19. ill w1lliam

    Has anybody went from Skinny to Buff? Anybody want to?

    Keep this discussion mature. Seriously has anybody on here done it? I do go into the Stay/Get Back In Shape.... Vol 2.0 thread every other day but the majority of it is guys trying to lose weight and get fit or maintain, or are more closer to their goals. There is a lot of good things that come...
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