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  1. papaya
    "Your under $100 Outdoor Daily Beater with premium Tractions"
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    Oct 1, 2016
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    Pros - Affordability. Durable & Great Traction Outsole. Wide foot friendly.
    Cons - Entry Level tech. Less durable upper. All Internal Lacing System. Soft Sidewalls.
    Never heard of this model until i walked into Sports Direct. Saw this cheap Adidas Shoe on the shelf decided to hold it & poke fun at it. Decided to play it like a toy car on the floor just to realize how much resistance the shoe put up on the floor. Non of the more expensive shoe there managed to put up such resistance.

    For a under $100 shoe, this shoe offers nothing but traction. No fancy tech, no fancy materials, this is the type of shoe you buy just to play & forget everything else.

    Let's start from the good part.


    This shoe uses mainly DEEP triangular front to back zig zag patterns with narrow gaps that offers big surface area contact with the floor with 2 grooves along the outer area.

    Rubber is made of hard durable rubber together with Deep grooves offers great durability outdoors. It does not have the Sticky feel premium soft rubber has but the design & rubber itself is more than enough. Tested on rough concrete floor for 1 week, there is minimal wear. Only areas that are prone to wear are the 2 outer grooves as they are thin & curvy. The thin gaps means stones & pebbles are less likely to get stuck inside and even if they do the gaps are deep enough to contain them so they won't affect traction. It also writes "non-marking"

    I give it 8.5/10 for Outdoors. It doesn't have the sticky grip premium shoes offer, but it's design & rubber is more than enough. Kobe Mentality 1 & 2 may have the one of the best tractions for outdoor use but i'm confident Court Fury 2016 beats them by a small margin. Beats Zoom Soldier IX (which is considered "Hall Of Fame" by some) by a big margin. But since it has big floor contact area, might pick up dust in indoors & loose some traction. Outdoor, dust is part of the game.


    This shoe isn't the lowest you can get, but it sits pretty low due to lack of any fancy tech like Boost/Bounce/Adiprene/Zoom/Air you name it. It gives a balance between cushion & court feel. Shoe feels responsive and you feel comfortable running around as you can feel the court. The no name cushion is just standard old school rubber. No foot or knee pain after playing compared to other "Better Cushioned" shoes. There are rooms for adding a not-so-thick insole if you like to add some extra cushioning. This is more of a Guard/Slasher shoe.

    I give it 7.5/10.


    For a sub $100 shoe, it offers mesh like upper for the front part. Feels like hybrid of plastic+fabric. Then a more fabric like thin insert with bigger pores and lastly a thin mesh like inner.

    For the rear part it's plushy fabric all the way in The tongue uses same materials as the rear but is thinner.

    The mesh while not as strong as rubber or fuse, offers acceptable protection from being stepped on. The 3 stripes logo adds abit of protection on the side. The shoe is not as strong as fuse but won't stretch/flex as bad as Rubber/Fabric shoes so feet shifting while changing direction is minimal.

    Downside is the mesh ain't really durable. a week of use the outer mesh already started to fuzz and there's a small hole after being stepped on heavily (a super glue would fix it). It still has it's middle layer. The Adidas stripes are painted transparent rubber and easily gets scratched & crack on the edge. Most of these are cosmetics and since it's a daily beater, just get a new pair if it bothers.

    Inner layer, i can feel some roughing around the forefoot sides probably due to rubbing. whether it last or not we have to see. A hole in the inner shoe is something i can't really fix.

    I give it 6/10 as the upper lacks durability. it does indeed feels like a sub $100 shoe.

    Support & Stability:

    The Heel has a plastic cup insert which gives good heel support. The rear area of the shoe is made of Plushy fabric, so it is not as strong as fuse/rubber/plastic, as such despite being a mid-cut shoe ankle support is lacking abit, while it's better than Low Cuts, the fabric side walls tend to bend together with your feet. If you have ankle problems, i would suggest wearing braces for extra protection, and the lacing system means it's not difficult to wear it with braces. Just make sure you test wear them with braces if you need one. Heel Cup is hard but flexible.

    As mentioned before, the upper isn't as strong as Fuse, but it doesn't stretch as bad as rubber & fabric. So the shoe is quite stable and not much shifting when changing direction.

    The shoe sits low so you get better stability. The wide contact area means better stability. There is a plastic cup at the middle of the outsole to add more stability. The outsole is also designed to be wider on the side slightly than the upper to reduce the chance of sliding when you land on the corner of the shoe while not too wide to pose a danger like some other shoes.

    For Support I give 7/10. Mainly due to the weaker side walls for ankle support.

    For Stability I give 8.5/10.

    Fit & Comfort:

    This shoe fits true to size. Unlike some other Adidas shoes that tend to be 1/2 size bigger than it should. This shoe has wide round forefoot so it's suitable for wide (but not extreme) footers. As mentioned there's some vertical room for a little extra cushion. The heel might be too big or too small for some, because it has a plastic insert around the heels. The cup is flexible so heat treatment might be able to re-shape it for better fit for better containment.

    The lace utilizes 100% inner lace system, with fabric sewn in lace hooks. It's easy to tighten, and to loosen the shoe you just pull the tongue outwards and everything comes loose. Problem with lack of a top traditional round eye hole is lots of stress would be on the sewn lace system instead. The lacing system does the job, but how well the sewn areas hold up only time will tell. Those that have hole punchers might want to consider punching a hole & add plastic/metal eyes on the side for a traditional top eye. The simple Lace itself shows little slippage & hardly comes off on their own. Something Nike can really learn from.

    For Comfort, this shoe does not offer the plushy cozy feel premium shoes offer, but it's not uncomfortable to wear, something like Ford Focus. The Tongue is slightly thin as such it doesn't give the plush feel and you can feel the lace if you like to lace up tight. Good part is thin tongue means less lace slippage. The shoe is highly breathable thanks to the outer mesh & holes on the mid layer. But it also means water gets in easily. So avoid wearing it in wet places, and be careful when washing the exterior to avoid having to dry up the insides.

    Fit is subjective. Comfort i'd give 6.5. It's not uncomfortable, just doesn't feel plushy.


    This shoe is made in Vietnam, not sure it's any different from China. Overall QC is OK. For a sub $100 shoe i don't notice any glue excess or loose areas on the outsole. No defects. Maybe the shoe is so simple there's little room for errors. Or maybe it's made in Vietnam.


    Add a small cushion & ankle brace and you have a super duper outdoor grippy basketball shoe. And if something breaks in months time, just get another pair and you're good to go. Or buy 10 pairs during clearance that'd last you few years. I foresee these underdog underrated under-noticed shoe to be a shelf warmer & will probably stay there until clearance. And the only way they can make the 2017 model (if there is one) better, is not to change the outsole design and make the upper more durable & comfortable.

    Easily top 5 outdoor basketball shoes.
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